Pokemon Ruby Sapphire and Emerald

In Pokemon ruby how do you get mew?

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yes i had ruby and i had mewtwo and i vsed and cought mew i dont no where cause i havnt played for 2 years

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Where is the mew cheat for Pokemon Ruby on computer?

there no cheat to catch mew in pokemon ruby

Where is mew exactly in ruby?

you didn´t get mew qith any cheats in ruby =( you can get mew with an mew-glitch in yellow (blue,red) or you can get a mew from my Pokemon ranch for diamant perl and platin but not for ruby the way to get mew in ruby is ... on a Pokemon tour (Pokemon-day ... , ) or with an cheat ... i hope i can help you :-)

How do you find Mew in Pokemon ruby?

You can't in ruby.

How do you get Mew in the Ruby version of Pokemon?

mew is not on ruby u jaskass ... however if you obtain pokemon emerald myou may aquire mew on faraway island and transfer it along to ruby

How can you get mew in Pokemon Ruby?

there is no way to catch mew in Pokemon ruby you have to get him from Pokemon emerald then trade him you need to catch mew by going to a event or you could use action replay

Where to find mew in Pokemon Ruby?

mew cant be caught in ruby unless you have a game shark

How do you get Mew on Pokemon Ruby?


Can you get a mew in Pokemon Ruby?


How do you catch Mew in Pokemon Ruby?

You cannot catch Mew in "Pokémon Ruby."or you can get mew-two in fire red or leaf green.

How To Catch Mew In Pokemon ruby?

You cannot catch Mew in "Pok

How do you catch mew Pokemon Ruby?

You need to trade Mew from Emerald

Where can you catch mew in Pokemon ruby?

you cant

On Pokemon ruby can you trade your Pokemon for mew and mew two?

Mewtwo, yes, if you have a FireRed or LeafGreen with Mewtwo.

What is the mew and Mewtwo code for Pokemon ruby?

the mew code for ruby is 71E09BD117FDFD02 and mewtwo is 30621E6F164FED85 these are the right once i think

How do you get a Mew in Pokemon Ruby or Sapphire?

There is no possible way to get a Mew in Ruby or Sapphire. The only way to get one is from Nintendo events.

Is there a mew glitch in Pokemon ruby?

Sorry but there isn't...

Can you catch Mew or Mewtwo on Pokemon Ruby?


In Pokemon ruby can you catch mew and Mewtwo?

Only if you have a code breaker and the master code for ruby plus the mew and mewtwo code

How do you get mew in action replay for Pokemon Ruby?

Pokemon Ruby Master Code A2E564FE 0FB58A54 530823D9 16558191 Mew 13EAA696 65095035 and as a bonus Lugia 4EECFE9F 27D82240

In what Pokemon games can you catch mew?

as i know, in Pokemon emerald, ruby and sphere

Can you find a mew or a Mewtwo in Pokemon ruby?

im pretty sure you can find a mew on mirage island in ruby but im not sure about mewtwo

Where do you catch mew in Pokemon Ruby?

u can't catch mew in Pokemon ruby u can't even find him unless u have gameshark or action replay u have to trade

Where to find mew in ruby?

it is not possible to get mew in Pokemon Ruby unless you use a gameshark code. however it WAS possible to get in emerald prior to an event. Sadly it has passed.

How do you get mew in Pokemon ruby without cheating?

Only by trading with a friend.

What are all the best rare Pokemon in ruby?

mew,groudon and rayquaza.