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Republic by Plato

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Granger's group in Fahrenheit 451 memorizes various great works of literature and philosophy, including The Bible, the works of Shakespeare, Plato's Republic, and the Declarations of Independence and Constitution. They preserve these works by committing them to memory as a way to pass on knowledge to future generations in a society where books are banned.

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Q: In Ray Bradburys Fahrenheit 451 book what books do Granger's people memorize?
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Who were the group of people who memorize books in Fahrenheit 451?

The group of people who memorize books in Fahrenheit 451 are known as the "Book People" or the "hobos" who wander the countryside, each dedicating themselves to memorizing a specific book or literary work in order to preserve its contents. They represent a resistance to the oppressive society that burns books and promotes conformity.

What publications are left for people to read Fahrenheit 451?

In "Fahrenheit 451," people are left with only a few remaining publications, such as TV parlor walls, government-controlled radio broadcasts, and a small network of rebels who memorize and recite books to preserve their content. The majority of books and written materials have been banned and burned by the government.

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