In RuneScape How do you get gold charms?


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Just about every monster drops some kind of charm, but try this link

it will tell you what drops charms and how much at time and the drop rate of them. just scroll down a bit and it should be there.


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Sorry but I'm afraid you cant re-use gold charms on Runescape, but however you'd be glad to know they are stackable.

Almost every Monster Drops Gold Charms but you can receive multiple charms from the level 111 Giant Rock Crab in the Chaos Tunnels.

yes they are if you note them. They are stackable even if you don't note them.

You get charms by monster drops.

No one in Runescape sells gold charms or any other charms for that matter as they are untradeable, but many monster drop them like ogres by Castle Wars or the monster in the Legend's Dungeon. Do you slayer task you should get lots. Charm drop rate vary from every monsters in Runecape. __ You can receive one free gold charm from "pikkupsticks" in the Taverly summoning store/building.

im sorry to tell all you people out there who like to play RuneScape, but there is no way to buy gold charms on RuneScape. But if you really need them you should kill monsters or make a petition to be able to get them, I'd sign that. Manly690

No, you have to kill monsters like cockroach soldiers to get charms.

I have placed a link below in the related links section that should take you directly to the information you require.

Dungeon of Player safety is a good palce, killing the higher level cockroaches.

get 60 attack do monkey madness and go to mummies in chaos tunnels

hellhounds drop 100% bones. they also drop charms,gold,green,crimson, and blue. and clue scrolls

There are a lot of monsters that drop blue charms, but they are extremely rare compared to other charms. The monsters that drop blue charms the most are Abberant Spectres and Gargoyles.

The fastest way to get Gold Charms, is to kill Giant Crabs preferably in the Chaos Tunnels, since there is a room with about 5 of them there.Note: These Giant Crabs are over level 100, if they are 100+ You have got the right ones, the ones that are lower levels don't drop as much as those do.

The best place to get crimson Charms would be killing the high level cockroaches at the player safety dungeon.

Answer: I have provided you with a link below that should bring you the answer(s) that you seek. Answer: Basically you kill monsters that drop them. One good option is the ghouls near Canifis - about 1 of every 4 will drop a gold charm. However, I would recommend you do slayer tasks - that gives you combat experience, slayer experience, and most slayer monsters drop some kind of charms. Not always gold charms - but also the better charms.

If it's charms you are after, you best go to the Chaos Tunnels, look for the "Giant Crab", that usually drops multiple charms.

Gargoyles, but you need a quite decent slayer level to kill them, people say they drop more often than gold there.

to raise your summoning lvl in runescape you will need pouches and charms different puches and different charms for different pets or monsters hope this helped if you have any questions e-mail me at or add my runescape account (CYCLON3X111) or (illdog9512)

Hell Hounds drop gold charms very frequently and very little else , you can also get a clue scroll from hellhounds.

Blue charms are a highly rare drop from monsters, and are used to train summoning. However, crimson charms are dropped more often, and are more cost-efficient for training.

When I trained range on fire giants i got like 100 blue charms or more their not likely to appear though that's just one of the monsters that drop them try going to a runescape help site and type in monsters that do drop blue charms.

you can use charms for summoning familiar beasts like the green charm,golden charm,etc. just read the guide of it on rs ;)

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