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Most people got it from a Nintendo magazine in April about Sonic joining SSBM, but it was an April Fools joke...

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Can you get sonic in SSBM?


How do you get sonic on ssbm?

You can't get sonic in SSBM only in SSBB and in SSBB you get him at the subspace emissary near the end

Can you get sonic and shadow on ssbm?


Is sonic in ssbm?

No , Only In SSBB

How get sonic in ssbm?

Complete the main storyline.

Who are the last two characters in ssbm?

sonic and toad

Can you unlock sonic in SSBM?

You can't, you can only unlock him in SSBB.

Can you play as sonic in ssbm?

No, you can't. But you can play as sonic in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, for the wii.

How do you get sonic on Super Smash Bros. melee the easy way?

You can't get sonic in ssbm!!

How do you unlock baby peach on ssbm?

You can't. Apparently, you've heard an untrue rumor. Sorry.

How do you unlock sonic in super smash bros melee?

You can't unlock him in SSBM but you can unlock him in SSBB.

Can you unlock sonic tails and toad in ssbm?

They can't be unlocked. That was just an April fool's joke.

How do you unlock Shadow in SSBM?

You can't unlock Shadow in SSBM. You can unlock Shadow in SSBB though, he is an assist trophy. In SSBB, you can use a texture hack on Sonic to make him look like Shadow and you can play as him.

Can you get sonic on ssbm?

You can't. But in Super Smash Bros Brawl you can unlock him by completing Classic mode with ten characters. Then defeat Sonic and you will unlock him and Shadow as an assist trophy.

Is there going tobe sonic heroes 2?

No, it's a rumor.

Is Sonic Riders Fire Winds coming out in 2012?

Sonic Riders Fire Winds is just a rumor and not a real game.

How do you get toad in ssbm?

It's a fake rumor that says "If you hit ALL the credits at the end of classic, Adventure or All-star you unlock toad" but someone has hit all the credits but no toad to unlock. it's a fake rumor. I'm sorry. I wish it were real

How do you unlock Sonic in SSBM?

you can only unlock him in ssbb but if you have ssbb heres how to unlock him: beat classic mode 10 times but he does not just join you after you do this after you do this you have to beat him

What is the main idea of sonic?

the main idea of sonic is the life of a speedy hedgehog that must save the world

Is the rumor of a new season of sonic x true?

No there isn't any proof to support it.

Does shadow meet mephiles in sonic x?

Shadow meeting Mephiles is just a rumor

When is sonic x season 4 coming out?

Sonic X season 4 is only a rumor, there has been no officially confirmed information as to the production and/or the release of a new season of Sonic X.

Is Dk unlockable in Mario and Sonic at the olympic games?

No it is a false rumor spread by people who wish they were in it.

Is SA3 Based on Sonic nazo unleashed?

SA3 is not real or made or anything. It's a rumor.

Where can you download shadic for mugen?

Shadic is the fusion of sonic and shadow from the Sonic the Hedgehog games. You cannot download a skin to play as him as of yet. But rumor has it one is in the works.

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