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In "The Giver," Jonas learns that climate control is used to maintain a controlled and stable environment within the community. This includes controlling temperature, precipitation, and other weather conditions to ensure a predictable and comfortable living environment for all residents. Jonas discovers that the community has the technology and knowledge to manipulate the climate to their advantage.

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He learns that they do climate control.

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Q: In The Giver what does Jonas learn about climate control?
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The giver What does Jonas learn about climate control?

In the book "The Giver" by Lois Lowry, The Giver explains to Jonas that with Climate Control, snow became obsolete because it hindered food growing as well as transportation.

What does jonas learn about leadership in The Giver?


What does Jonas learn about The Giver?

That Rosemar(the past reciever) is the Givers daughter.

What type of lessons does jonas learn in the giver about leadership and commitment?


What new words does Jonas learn on his first day in the Giver?

sun burn

What does Jonas learn about climate control?

Jonas learns that climate control is carefully maintained to ensure a consistent and comfortable temperature throughout the community. He learns that the technology used to control the climate is precise and that any variations in temperature are quickly adjusted to maintain stability. Additionally, Jonas realizes that the community relies heavily on technology to regulate the climate, and the citizens have little understanding or control over this process.

What does Jonas learn about climate control in the book giver?

He learns that it can't be controlled because it would be too much work, like for instance if it snowed one day, it would make agriculture harder and even travel harder, and since the community is the perfect, they dont want this

Why does the giver believe Jonas will gain wisdom faster than he did initially?

The Giver believes Jonas will gain wisdom faster than he did because Jonas exhibits qualities like empathy, courage, and openness to learning that the Giver didn't have at the same age. Jonas also has a unique ability to receive memories, which allows him to learn from experiences in a more direct way.

Does Jonas learn colors or pain first in The Giver?

In The Giver, Jonas learns about colors first. As he receives memories from the Giver, he begins to see and understand the concept of color before he experiences physical pain.

How does Jonas learn of love?

Jonas learns love from the Giver's favorite memory, the Christmas memory. He thinks love family-wise is a good feeling.

What does Jonas in The Giver learn about colors?

In "The Giver," Jonas learns about colors when he begins to receive memories from the Giver. He discovers that the community he lives in sees everything in black and white, while colors evoke powerful emotions and sensations that have been deliberately withheld from them to maintain sameness and control. This newfound knowledge opens his eyes to the richness and diversity of the world beyond what he has known.

What was Rosemary's relation to the giver?

She was the chosen new receiver before Jonas. But she never became a full receiver because she could not handle the sad memories like loneliness. Because of that she asked for a release. At the end of the book you learn that the Giver was her father.