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because he payed life of the effect of power bond 4000 cyber end dragon attack points

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Yugioh yubel card value?

$2.50 + $0.74 is the value of the Yugioh yubel card plus shipping.

How can i get all 3 yubel forms in yugioh 5d's world championship 2011 over the nexus?

In Phantom Darkness pack unlocked chapter 4 Yubel is a common card Yubel-terror incarnate is more rare than the standard Yubel and Yubel-the ultimate nightmare is as rare as E-hero rainbow neos and Rainbow Dragon which are in the same pack as the Yubel cards you can also get the earthbound immortals,signer dragons,god cards,Nordic god cards,sacred beasts and the wicked gods

I have a Yugioh cyberdark deck i was wondering if i could get someones opinion if i should add the card yubel to it?

I would say no... Cyberdark and Yubel have no natural synergy. I would pick one if I were you.

What episode is yubel as human in Yu-Gi-Oh gx? You can check her

Can 'Yubel' use it's effect on another 'Yubel' to bring out 'Yubel - Terror Incarnate'?

No, if the effect of "Yubel" is used on another "Yubel", you will not be able to Special Summon "Yubel - Terror Incarnate". This is because "Yubel" must be destroyed by an effect. The effect of "Yubel" that activates during your End Phase asks for you to tribute a monster, not destroy it.

Who is better jaden or yubel?

there both awesome but maybe yubel will win.. cuse yubel has more strong monsters like yubel the last nightmare..

What does the name yubel mean?

its possibly derived from the german word jubel which basically means joy/happy/elated probably referencing "joy" from sadism or masochism. that is if your talking about yugioh

When it says 'same name' in yugioh does that mean exactly the same name?

Yes, it means exactly the same name, not anything that might contain the first card's full name. So something looking for cards with the same name as 'Yubel' would not search for 'Yubel - Ultimate Nightmare'.

What are the Top 10 Yu-Gi-Oh cards?

This question cannot be easily answered. There is a spectrum of the best Yu-Gi-Oh cards out there. If you are looking for the most broken cards or in terms of attack, there are different categories. Monster (ATTACKWISE): 1. Armityle the Chaos Phantom 2. Dragon Master Knight 2. Five Headed Dragon 4. Machina Force 5. Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon 10. Hamon, the Lord of Striking Thunder 10. Uria, the Lord of Searing Flames 10. Raviel, the Lord of Phantasms 10. Rainbow Dragon 10. The Wicked Dreadroot NOTE: There are many monsters with an attack of 4000. Here are some of the original 4000 ATK+ monsters. . Monsters (EFFECTWISE): The following monsters are monsters that are on the Forbidden List 1. Yata-Garasu 2. Chaos Emperor Dragon - Envoy of the End 3. Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning 4. Fiber Jar 5. Sinister Serpent 6. Magical Scientist 7. Tribe Infecting Virus 8. Cyber Jar 9. Thousand Eyes Restrict 10. Witch of the Black Forest Monsters (VERSATILITY/SPLASHABILITY): The following monsters are not Forbidden. Versatility is the ability to use a card that can pull you out of an awful situation 1. Sangan 2. Marshmallon 3. Gorz the Emissary of Darkness 4. Morphing Jar 5. Dark Armed Dragon 6. Snipe Hunter 7. Plaguespreader Zombie 8. Dandylion 9. Judgment Dragon 10. Tragoedia Spell (Forbidden) 1. Raigeki 2. Pot of Greed 3. Harpie's Feather Duster 4. Change of Heart 5. Temple of the Kings 6. Painful Choice 7. Graceful Charity 8. Delinquent Duo 9. The Forceful Sentry 10. Snatch Steal Spells (Other) 1. Monster Reborn 2. Dark Hole 3. Swords of Revealing Light 4. Monster Gate/Reasoning 5. Mystical Space Typhoon 6. Gold Sarcophagus 7. One for One/Emergency Teleport 8. Scapegoat 9. Allure of Darkness 10. Destiny Draw Traps 1. Crush Card Virus 2. Ring of Destruction 3. Imperial Order 4. Sixth Sense 5. Exchange of Spirit 6. Mirror Force 7. Torrential Tribute 8. Last Turn 9. Call of the Haunted 10. Solemn Judgment SYNCHRO MONSTERS 1. STARDUST DRAGON 2. BLACK ROSE DRAGON 3. MAJESTIC STAR DRAGON 4. GOYO GUARDIAN 5. ARCANITE MAGICIAN 6. JUNK DESTROYER 7. JUNK ARCHER 8. DARK STRIKE FIGHTER 9. THOUGHT RULER ARCHFIEND 10. COLOSSAL FIGHTER 11. SHOOTING STAR DRAGON 12. RED NOVA DRAGON OVERALL: 1. EXODIA THE FORBIDDEN ONE 2. CREATOR GOD OF LIGHT HORAKHTY 3. BLUE EYES SHINING DRAGON 4. HERALD OF PERFECTION 5. SEAL OF ORICHALCOS 6. WINGED DRAGON OF RA 7. OBELISK THE TORMENTOR 8. SLIFER THE SKY DRAGON 9. EXODIA NECROSS 10.JUDGMENT DRAGON 11. YUBEL TERROR INCARNATE (2ND FORM) 12. YUBEL ULTIMATE NIGHTMARE (3RD FORM) 13. YUBEL (1ST FORM) FUSION MATERIAL MONSTERS: 1. DRAGON MASTER KNIGHT 2. FIVE HEADED DRAGON 3. BLUE EYES ULTIMATE 4. CYBER .E. DRAGON 5. B SKULL DRAGON CHARACTERS OF ALL 3 YUGIOH SERIES: 1. MARIK (YUGIOH) 2. JADEN (YUGIOH GX) 3. MAXMILLION (YUGIOH) 4. YUGI MUTO (YUGIOH) 5. YUSEI (YUGIOH 5DS) 6. SETO KAIBA (YUGIOH) 7. JOEY WHEELER (YUGIOH) 8. LEO / LEE (YUGIOH 5DS) 9. ATEM (YUGIOH) 10. DARTH/DARK MASTER (YUGIOH GX) ?: Tyler the great warrior?

Is there a fusion dark Egyptian god card in yugioh?

No one thinks so I guess.But in Yu-Gi-Oh GX, Yubel fused the three Sacred Beast in episode 130

What happens to yubel in Yu-Gi-Oh gx?

Yubel and Jaden have a duel in episode 152 and just before Jaden finishes Jesse (Jesse being controlled by Yubel at this point) defuses with Jesse and then has control of the "super polymerisation" card and fuses herself with Jaden. With Rainbow Neos on the field, Yubel has no choice but to upgrade to her second form. Yubel shows Jaden a vision of the past and Jaden realizes what he must do to help an old friend. Jaden battles with Yubel and understands what he has to do to save Yubel. He uses super polymerisation to fuse his soul with yubels. After a month, Jaden has finally returned to Duel Academy, but stays inside his room. Jesse, Axel, Jim, and Adrian have all returned to their schools, and Syrus, Chazz, and Blair are all in Obelisk Blue. Then something mysterious happens to the Duel System so Chazz, Alexis, and a new student go to investigate. jaden duels yubel and yubel says to jaden that her mission is to priteced jaden yubel goes to finesh jaden off but jaden plays a spell card that adds super polymrishon to his hand and he fuses his soul with yubel, (if you watch the episode on youtube you can see it just put in, "yugioh gx episode 152"

What deck has yubel the ultimate nightmare in them?

you get it in a pack.Phantom Darkness.Its a bit obvious as yubel is on the front of it.

Who is Yubel?

yubel is jadens second duel spirit yubel is a monster well he looks like 1 yubel encountered jay because he was mad for what he did t2 him so ill tell u the story yubel is a card jays dad gave it 2 him that's y its his favorite card yubel was destined to be withe jaden because jay was the supreme king sooooo this one guy was talking about who should guard the supreme king then yubel offered to be the guard then that 1 guy said that ill have 2 turn u into something if u want 2 be his guard so he said yes and he turned into yubel

What gender was Yubel from Yu-Gi-Oh GX when they were human?

Yubel was originally a boy when he was human

Is Yubel available in Yugioh World Championship 2007?

Neither the card nor the duelist are avalible in 2007. Strangly the duelist is but not the card in 2008. You can unlock her (yes, it's a she) by clearing the Phantom of Chaos Armytile stone challenge in the World of Chaos.

What are all the 12 star Yu-Gi-Oh cards?

well the best 12 star i know is juely and yubel juely is super hard to find but i have him o and i think juely is from the very first yugioh cartoon

Does yubel- the ultimate nightmare effect--inflict damage equal to its atk to your opponent and destroy that monster--activate if i use yubel-the ultimate nightmare to attack?

Yube - The Ultimate Nightmarel's effect destroys any monster it battles with, so will activate both when it attacks, and when it is attacked.

How do you get a Yu-Gi-Oh yubel card?

The card "Yubel" can be found as a Super Rare in the pack "Phantom Darkness".

How much is the card yubel worth?


What is yubel password?

yubel's password is 78371393.

What happens when a Yubel - The Ultimate Nightmare battles a Yubel - The Ultimate Nightmare?

When Yubel - The Ultimate Nightmare battles, (ie, attacks, or is attacked) the other monster is destroyed at the end of the Damage Step. If two battle each other therefore, both will be destroyed.

Does yubel love jaden?

Yes. An unknown amount of time ago, Yubel and a boy (Jaden in a past life) swore to love each other forever.

Is the card Yubel in Yu-Gi-Oh WC 2008?

Though Yubel is a duelist, the card is not in World Championship 2008. It is in 2009, fortunately.

Is yubel a male?

It appears to be a hermaphrodite seemingly having both male and female anatomical parts, but since the characters describe Yubel as a she and Yubel speaks with a woman's voice, I guess its a female (also those pants are skin tight and since there is no lump she must be packin' a vagina).

Does Yubel's effect to Special Summon Yubel - The Terror Incarnate activates if Yubel is destroyed while face down?

Yes, Yubel will activate if destroyed face down. However Terror Incarnate must be face up when being removed from the field, to summon Ultimate Nightmare.