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An iron ring.

See the Related Questions to the left for more information about this lab apparatus.

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Laboratory apparatus and its uses?

of ring support

What laboratory apparatus use to support and accepts all supports rings and burette clamps?

laboratory apparatus

How chemistry is related to phsysics?

Physics offer an important support to chemistry.

Did Jules Verne invent underwater breathing apparatus?

No, but he hinted at is as life-support apparatus for Nemo and company. In scince fiction form.

What apparatus use to support when heating liquid?

Kettle?haha :P

What is a Retort stand use for?

Retort stand are use for experiments that requires apparatus to be like standing upright or hanging something say a pendulum bob or in chemistry with the spider clamp to hold the burette for titration. It varies for different experiments as it has many uses. But most of the time is just to support and hold an apparatus to set up an experiment.

What gives support and structure in a plant cell?

The cell wall gives support and structure in a plant cell. :)

What provides structure and support in plant cells?

The cell wall provides structure and support in plant cells.

What is a tripod in laboratory?

it is a three legged apparatus used as a support for the vessel to be heated.

What is iron stand as laboratory apparatus?

A laboratory stand support glassware or instruments.

What is draw tube in microscope?

it is the cylindrical structure which is used to support the eyepiece. it is the cylindrical structure which is used to support the eyepiece.

Is the animal cell circular?

no, they are more irregular, as the do not have the cell wall which plant cells have, that provide support. When you are drawing them, however, you draw them circular

What is a function of retort stand?

It's used to support apparatus (for example a flask or thermometer)

How does analogous structure support evolution?

Analogous structure supports evolution because some of these structure may have existed long ago, however not all analogous structure support the same evolutionary path.

What is the difference between a shell structure and a frame structure?

A shell structure supports its self and a frame structure does not support it self.

What type of tissue hold things together and provide structure and support?

Connective tissues holds things together and provides structure and support.

How does chemistry support agriscience?

Fertilizers and pesticides are chemical products.

What provides support for a tree structure?

the roots

What gives your body support and structure?


Which biological apparatus is used for filtration?

conical flask/ Beaker, filter funnel , filter paper , support

What laboratory apparatus used to support the set up for distillation?

A ring stand with a ring attached will be helpful.

True or false cells have a support structure within the cytoplasm called the cytoskeleton?

true or false? cells have support structure within the cytoplasm called the cytoskeleton

In a bacterium what provides structure and support?

Cell Wall

What is a endoskeleton?

an internal support structure or framework in an animal.

What provides structure and support in cells?

cell membrane