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These are charged off accounts: Installment Loan, Open loan that is paid in full each month, and Revolving Line of Credit.

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What can a creditor do if you are in default on a credit card

What do you do when your application for credit is rejected

How can you get a loan with 470 credit score

Monique's previous credit card balance is 199.26 and she has a monthly finance charge of 1.5 How much will the credit card company assess in finance charges on this balance

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Q: In a credit report what do individual ratings of 19 09 or R9 mean?
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What does election of remedy on credit report mean?

What does election of remedy on a credit report mean

What does it mean when they say that your credit report is suppressed?

When you suppress your credit report, that means that anybody who pulls your credit report will get no information back. It will not even give the header that comes on the credit reports. So if you are looking to get some type of credit do not suppress your credit report.

What does NA mean on credit report?

Not Applicable.

What does xpn1 previous status 09 in credit report mean?

XPN1, XPN2.....are reports from the credit reporting agency Experian EFX1, EFX2.....are reports from the credit reporting agency Equifax 1 and 2 most likely identify you and your spouses individual report with a combined rating for certain types of credit.

What does HC mean on a credit report?

HC on a credit report means High Credit. This is the highest amount of money a creditor has issued to you in the past.

If unpaid medical is not on your credit report can they charge you for it after the fact?

Yes. Some institutions/businesses do not report to credit bureaus. The debt not being placed on a credit report does not mean it is not completely valid and collectible.

What does it mean says NE beside your credit hours?

The NE next to on your credit report stands for new credit. The hour you received the credit is not listed on a credit report, just the date and where you opened the credit line.

What does it mean for an individual to have a personal line of credit?

Every individual has a line of credit. This line of credit is what determines your credit score and what will be used to approve or deny you credit cards or loans.

What does NA mean for job listings on credit report?

Not Applicable

Does LATE and Delinquency in Credit report mean the same?


What does deragotory mean?

It's a negative entry...such as on a credit report.

What does the plus symbol next to the score on a credit report mean?

This depends on where you got the credit report. Different companies use different symbols.

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