In a fight who would win The Thing or Edward Cullen?

Updated: 8/17/2019
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Q: In a fight who would win The Thing or Edward Cullen?
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Who would win in a fight between Edward Cullen or wolverine?

wolverine because edward sucks in a fight

Do you thing Edward Cullen would be a bad boyfriend?

No...not at all

Who would win in a fight Ghost or Edward Cullen?

neither edward wouldn't be able to touch the ghost and the ghost wouldn't be able to touch edward

Who is more famous overall Edward Cullen or chewbacca?

That would have to be Chewbacca, since not everyone worldwide knows who Edward Cullen is

Who is more famous Edward Cullen or yoda?

That would have to be Yoda since not everyone knows who Edward Cullen is

Who would win River Tam or Edward Cullen?

The beautiful Edward Cullen. River is a WEIRD name!

What would the initials for the Cullen family be?

Edward Cullen = e.cAlice Cullen =a.cemmet Cullen = e.crosalie hale = r.hjasper hale = j.h(when Bella marries edward ) Bella Cullen =b.cesmee Cullen =e.ccarsliecullen +=c.c

Who would rarely fall for Edward Cullen Jacob Black or Emmet Cullen?


Who would win Dracula or Edward Cullen?

Edward Cullen would win because he is younger and more flexible but i woudnt know because I'm not either one of them.

Who would win Alucard or Edward Cullen?

Alucard is to strong and indestructible he would litteraly demolish Edward.

Who else tried out for Edward Cullen?

the actor who ultimately got casted for mike tried out for edward. I heard that 5,000 other people tried our for Edward. Tom Sturridge was at first cast for Edward cullen!!!! He was Stephenie Meyer's first choice, but the director thought he was too old to play Edward cullen. 2 bad cuz he would of made an awesome edward cullen!!!! he would have...BUT ROB IS SOOOO MUCH BETTER!!!!

Did Edward Cullen died in breaking dawn?

No... why would you think that...