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Q: In a legal research paper which comes first conclusion or recommendation?
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What comes first recommendation and conclusion or conclusion and recommendation?

Conclusion comes first, then the evaluation.

In a report what comes first - conclusion or recommendation?

The conclusion comes before the recommendation.

What comes first your hypothesis or your conclusion?

The hypothesis comes before the conclusion. The conclusion is the very last step!

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Does the appendix or bibliography come first on a research paper?

The appendix comes first.

Which comes first in the research process?

The first step in the research process is typically identifying a research topic or question. This involves defining the scope of the research, conducting a literature review, and forming a research hypothesis or objective.

What comes to your mind the moment you hear qualitative research?

When I hear the words, qualitative research, the first thing that comes to my mind is exploratory research. Where you can find more answers and insights for you to understand your hypothesis.

What is investigatory process?

It is the process where you should first have a material/s or equipment and then the treatment or general procedure then the analysis of data, findings and result and discussions. Last is you should have the summary/conclusion/recommendation.

Is the first step of a scientific experiment the hypothesis or problem?

Scientific Method 1.Problem 2.Research 3.Hypothesis 4.Expeirment 5.Analyze 6.Conclusion So problem comes before hypothesis

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What part of a synthesis and response essay comes first?

Synthesis Evidence Response Conclusion

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