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Electric current

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What property of the wire account the wire in filament behave differently other wires in the circuit when the current flow?

wire in filament is a good conductor of heat & it becomes hot after sometime due to heat loss.and it also offers resistance to flow charges of electricity.........!

What is Convective flow?

A convective flow is the motion of a fluid due to differences in density. These differences in density commonly occur due to temperature gradients. For example the circulating air flow in a room with a hot radiatior.

What property causes wires and coils to become hot when electricity flows through them?

Yes, so electricity simply flow through them.Most Wires and Coils have resistance. This resistance opposes the flow of Current. This opposition creates Heat.

What are hot wires in the house colored?

Red and Black wires are hot, White wires are neutral, and Green or bare wires are ground

When you became hot up due to sex mode why sperm flow out of penis?

what the hell are you talking about?

Hot wires in home wiring are normally colored and ground wires in computers are normally colred?

hot wires are black, white wires are ground

Where are the hot wires on a Geo Metro ignition?

im assuming your looking for hot wires on the coil. They should be two wires of the coil

What is the hot wire color in a phone line?

There are usually 4 colored wires in a phone line. The red and green wires are the hot wires.

Which wire is the hot wire?

In U.S. homes the black is hot. Same goes for Canadian homes also red wires are hot as well as blue wires white indicates neutral wires green or bare copper is the ground wires

The terminology hot money is properly defined how?

Hot Money is a financial term that means the flow of funds from one country to another. They are called hot money due to the quick movement in and out of markets.

What is inside a hot wire?

tiny hot wires

How do electromagnet work?

answ2. The movement of electrons will produce a magnetic field. Whether by the spin of the electron or its movement. All magnetic fields are produced by moving electrons. Even those on the Sun where it is too hot for magnetic materials.When you cause a current flow through a wire, the flow of electrons will induce a magnetic field. Adding an iron core within the coil, will make the magnetic field stronger. This is then an electromagnet.

How hot peppers are hot due to the presence of?

Hot peppers are hot due to the presence pf

Hot wires in home wiring are normally colored and ground wires in computers are normally colored?

Hot wires in home are normally colored black. And ground wires in computers are normally colored black as well.

How do you fix or replace metal wires with out obstructing the current flow?

You install a temporary jumper, and you work the circuit hot. Most utility line workers do this as a matter of routine.

Why do wires connected to a battery get hot?

Because when the wire from the positive and negative side are connected to a load, as a blower motor, the current flow meets resistance and the wire gets hot. In this case you will need a larger diameter wire.

How do you wire dual switch-plug gfci which has extra wires?

there should be 5 wires, hot and switched hot for the switch and hot, neutral and ground for the gfci receptacle.

Why does solid rock not flow?

It cannot flow because its not hot

How hot and cold climate harm human muscles?

In hot temperatures , muscles loose water content due to dehydration , impairing their function. In cold temperatures , blood flow is reduced , impairing function

Why does an electric circuit get hot and melt the wires?

It is drawing more current than it is designed for. This is usually due to a short circuit, a component that fails in a mode where resistance is decreased.

Why do wires turn hot in a circut?

The current passing through them - since all wires have resistance.

When connecting a 240V line with two hot wires and a ground does it make a difference if the red or black hot wires are connected to L1 or L2 for a jet pump pressure switch?

No, it makes no difference. The selection of red and black "hot" wires on your 220 line is arbitrary.

How many hot wires does a 1990 Honda prelude have?

There is a Positive (HOT) & Negative (Ground) battery cable. There are also lots of other HOT wires that are carrying current throughout the vehicle. What exactly are you referring too? hundereds of wires get a book at advance or napa for your car

What direction will heat flow if cold water is added to a hot pan?

Heat will flow from the hot pan to the cold water.

Does Heat flow from cold to hot or hot to cold?

Hot to cold hot travels towards cold