In gcse pe what is sport p?

Updated: 11/7/2022
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Principals of training

S - Specificity - make training specific to what you're trying to achieve

P - Progression - make training gradual to avoid injury

O - Overload - FITT (frequency, intensity type and time of training - work too hard to

get better)

R - Reversibility - lack of training makes your muscles weaker

T - Tedium - boredom

P - Periodisation - athlete peak occurs at the correct time

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Q: In gcse pe what is sport p?
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Which is best gcse pe or btec pe?

It's up to you. You do get 2 GCSE's if you do BTEC, but from what I've heard, you do less sport time in BTEC and spend more time doing research. That's what happened in my school, I don't know about yours.

What can you do for GCSE PE surfing?

you cant

Should I do rugby for GCSE PE?


Do you need to do GCSE PE to become an olympic athlete?

No, you don't need a GCSE

I want to be a pe teacher what qualifications do you need as im taking nation diplomer in sport the big course and do you definatly need gcse science or can you just take A level psychology?

you need gcse science and gcse in sports science (sports studies) you can do psychology.

Do you need a PE GCSE to be a groom?

no you don't.

What are physical education gsces?

A physical education GCSE is PE (sport). However, I think dance can also be included sometimes as a physical education GCSE. They are taken in year 11 of secondary school at age 15 or 16

What are the education requirements for foootball?

talent at the sport, a PE GCSE would help too! Join a team and try to get yourself noticed (scouted). Good luck

What gcse's do i need to be a racing driver?

You need 5 art GCSE'S, 2 religious education GCSE'S, 9 maths English or science GCSE'S and 20 PE GCSE'S

What do you call pe for high school people?

It can be a sport or general pe. If you don't take a sport, you take general pe

Do you get a GCSE in PE?

I'd strongly recommend it, i did GCSE PE and am now doing A-level PE and it does help so you have a strong foundation to start learning a-level PE. There's a lot i fall back on now when learning things because i already knew them from GCSE, and all of the people in my a-level class that didn't do GCSE dropped out because it was too difficult. Some schools may not let you do do A-level PE unless you've already done GCSE so you should probably check. good luck in whatever you do :-)

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