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Give her the stuff she likes.

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Q: In harvest moon magical melody how do you befriend Ellen?
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What is the girl in the apron note on harvest moon magical melody?

It's a note where you have to get about three hearts with Ellen, the girl at Blue Sky Ranch.

On harvest moon magical melody what items do you have to give Ellen to gain more hearts with her?

Ellen likes flowers, moon stones, chocolate pudding, butter, strawberries, and loves breadfruit, cocoa nuts and cocoa/chocolate cake. :)

Who can you marry in Harvest Moon Magical Melody wii?

There are eleven different marriage candidates. Ann Katie Gwen Lyla Nina Maria Gina Ellen Eve Dia Jamie The game ends if you marry Jamie.

How do you get socks in harvest moon more friends in mineral town?

You have to befriend Ellen and then you must give her any size of wool during decemeber.

On harvest moon magical melody how do you feed the foldder to your animals?

Purchase it from Blue Sky Ranch, which is where Ellen works, and it is in a bin on the wall inside of your barn, go up to it and press A, bring it over to the wooden bin on the floor and drop it by pressing A again. Also you can take it and press A when your facing the animal and it aunomatically feeds it.

In harvest moon magical melody who can you marry?

While playing as a boy your option are: Ann Eve Dia Gwen Lyla Nina Gina Maria Katie Ellen Jamie If you have the Gamecube version you can play as a female character. Then your options are: Blue Carl Bob Joe Kurt Ray Alex Louis Dan Basil Jamie

Who is Ellen in Harvest Moon?

Characters with the name Ellen appear in many Harvest Moon Games, as I'm not entirely sure to which you refer, I will cover them all:In the original Harvest Moon (SNES) Ellen is the owner of the Restaurant, and one of the available wives. Ellen is an animal lover and is usually found outside the Livestock Shop. She is the girl that gives you your dog on your first day.She plays much the same role in Harvest Moon GB, and in the remake for GBC, Harvest Moon GBC.This Ellen appears again in both Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town (GBA) and More Friends of Mineral Town(GBA), but not as the same character. This Ellen is Grandmother of Stu, a small boy, and Elli, one of the available wives (who strikes an interesting resemblance to the earlier Ellen).When Ellen was younger, she was very sick and it caused her legs to weaken. She spends all day in her house next to Mary's library and doesn't even go to any of the festivals. The only time she's seen out of her house is at Elli's wedding ceremony. Since she can't leave her chair, often she'll ask you to do favors for her when you go to visit.In order to participate in the Stocking Festival (Winter 25th) you're going to need to become good friends with Ellen. If you give her a ball of Yarn (any size) and she likes you enough, she will knit you a stocking to hang on the coat-hanger in your house. If you go the bed after 9PM on the 25th of Winter, Thomas will come by and give you a little gift.In Harvest Moon: Magical Melody (Wii) Ellen lives at the Blue Sky Ranch and is young, and a marriage candidate, once more. She comes to your house on the 2nd of Spring to give you a dog.The elderly Ellen comes back again as a customer in My Little Shop (a game for the downloadable Nintendo Wiiware system).

Who is the easiest girl to marry on harvest moon magical melodys wii?

i think Ellen is the easiest girl to marry, if you say yes to going to the river and watching the bamboo boat float down she is your mate already. also Ellen loves moonstone which is one of the easiest things to get. hope i helpd lol ;D

In harvest moon magical melody woody wont sell you the double bed why you got the lvl 3 house you got 46 notes and 1 heart on woody joe and Kurt you got a 10 hearts with the one i want to Mary?

I didn't understand ANYTHING you said. I don't even know what the question was lol... sorry maby if i type t aigan its sound better... in the wii game Harvest moon magical melody i wanna marry somone called Ellen but then i need all the stuff to marry so i got a lvl 3 house ad 1 heart on woody,joe and Kurt and i got 10 hearts on the person i wanna marry and i got 46 notes (more thn needed) so why cant i get the double bed? please answer me i am really stuck with the game thx everyone ;)

Can you marry who you want on Harvest Moon Magical Melody wii?

You can marry whoever you want out of the available marriage candidates. The girls available for marriage are: Ann Dia Gina Gwen Katie Maria Lyla Ellen Eve Nina Jamie So you must choose between those girls, but you can marry the one you like most. Once you complete the marriage requirements you can propose to the girl you want using the Blue Feather. The game will end if you marry Jamie.

In harvest moon magical melody for the Wii do you still have love scenes?

N-O-P-E! Neither do you have proper rivals. Cool, huh? And you only have to have eight hearts on the assets menu to marry the girl you want, and you get to do the climbing mini game! You're gonna have to trust me on this one, because I married Maria with only eight hearts and my friend married Ellen at the same rating too. It's really easy and it takes less than two years. ! XD Luv PinkSkullz x

What does Jamie like in harvest moon magical melody?

Ellen She LOVESS: Special Milk/Egg,Cocoa Cake, HQ Breadfruit, HQ Cocoa. She LIKESS: Cheese, Strawberry, Butter, Moondrop Flower, Mayonnaise, Egg, Good Egg, Pudding, Pinkcat Flower, Moonstone, Silver Ring