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Yes. Unlike other levels of play, the 10 second count starts again after a time out, ball going out of bounds or any other reason which stops the clock.

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Q: In high school basketball does the 10 second count start over after a time out?
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In basketball on a made basket the count to inbound the ball starts when the ball is at the disposal of the throw in team when does an official start his 5 second count?

As soon as the player out of bounds has the ball in their hands. In cases where the ref has been waiting for a player to take the ball out of bound, they may lay the ball on the floor and begin to count.

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The 3 second call in the lane does not start until the offense has brought the ball into the front court. There is no three-second count during rebounding action or during an out-of-bounds throw-in, until the ball is inbounds. The count on a player in the restricted area is suspended when that player begins to try for a goal (shot).

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