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Q: In his Virginia Statute of Religious Freedom Jefferson argues that the impulse for belief and religious comes from what?
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Who issued the virginia statute of religious freedom?

Thomas Jefferson

When was the Virginia statute of religious freedom written and by who?

1779 by Thomas Jefferson

What was the legislation passed by an alliance of Jefferson and the Baptists?

Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom.

What state enacted the Statute of Religious Freedom in 1786?

Thomas Jefferson

What does the Virginia states for religious freedom say?

what does the Virginia statute for religious freedom say

What two documents did Thomas Jefferson write?

The Declaration of Independence and Virginia Statue for Religious Freedom

The Virginia statute for established precedent of religious tol rance and freedom?

The Virginia statute for religious freedom established precedent of religious tol rance and freedom.

What is Thomas Jefferson's epitaph?

Author of the Declaration of American Independence of the statute of Virginia for religious freedom and father of the University of Virginia

It attracted settlers desiring religious freedom?

The Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom attracted settlers desiring religious freedom

When was the Virginia statue of religious freedom was made?

Thomas Jefferson drafted it in 1777, but did not introduce it until 1779.

LEgislation passed by an alliance of Jefferson and the Baptists that disestablished the Anglican church?

Virginia statute for religious freedom.

Who wrote the Virginia statue for religious freedom?

Answer:Thomas Jefferson wrote the "Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom", drafted in 1777. This was shocking to people, because each state had it's own faith. It stated that each and every person had their own choice of religion.