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In how many continents is Spanish spoken?

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2011-09-12 23:13:09

Spanish is spoken in every continent including Antarctica where

Spanish-speaking Chileans and other people from other

Spanish-speaking nations conduct scientific research. In North

America, it is a national language of Central American countries

including Mexico, and spoken by a sizable minority in the United

States. It is spoken in nearly every South American country except

Brazil, French Guyana and Suriname. In Europe, it is spoken in

Spain. While Spanish is not widely spoken in Asia, Judæo-Spanish

(Ladino) is spoken by more or less 150,000 speakers in Israel and

Turkey. The Filipino language has Spanish loan words, as Spanish

was once an official language of the Philippines. Spanish is an

official language of Equitorial Guinea in west Africa, and spoken

by many in Morocco. In Oceania, it is spoken in Easter Island.

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