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Spanish is spoken in every continent including Antarctica where Spanish-speaking Chileans and other people from other Spanish-speaking nations conduct scientific research. In North America, it is a national language of Central American countries including Mexico, and spoken by a sizable minority in the United States. It is spoken in nearly every South American country except Brazil, French Guyana and Suriname. In Europe, it is spoken in Spain. While Spanish is not widely spoken in Asia, Judæo-Spanish (Ladino) is spoken by more or less 150,000 speakers in Israel and Turkey. The Filipino language has Spanish loan words, as Spanish was once an official language of the Philippines. Spanish is an official language of Equitorial Guinea in west Africa, and spoken by many in Morocco. In Oceania, it is spoken in Easter Island.

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Q: In how many continents is Spanish spoken?
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What continents spanish mainly spoken in?

North America and South America

How many continents speak spanish?

Spanish is spoken as either an official language or a regional language on every continent in the world except Australia and Antarctica.

Why are Spanish and Portuguese spoken in Latin America?

The American continents were colonized by settlers from Spain and Portugal.

Why is spanish spoken in south and north American so much?

Spanish is spoken so heavily in North and South America because Spain had a large number of colonies on these two continents, and imposed Spanish on the native inhabitants.

How many continents are there where Spanish is spoken?

Primarily in North and South America, and of course Europe, but there are a number of Spanish speakers everywhere (in the Philippines in Asia, in North Africa, for example). If you don't include the Carribean as a part of North America/South America, its spoken there too.

What other continents is french spoken?

French is spoken on all continents, including some French speakers in Antarctica.

What are three continents where french is spoken?

French is spoken on all continents, including some French speakers in Australia and Antarctica.

Is spanish spoken in Ireland?

No, Spanish is not spoken in Ireland.

Is Spanish spoken in Iraq?

No, Spanish is not spoken in Iraq.

Is Spanish an international language?

Yes. Spanish is spoken in many different countries.

Does french or spanish get spoken more?

Spanish is currently more widely spoken as a first or second language, but French has close to as many speakers with good proficiency as Spanish.

Where is french not spoken continent?

French is spoken on all continents except Australia.

What European language is spoken in the western hemisphere?

There are many European languages spoken in the Western Hemisphere. In North America, Spanish, English and French are spoken. In South America, Spanish, English, Dutch, French and Portuguese are spoken.

Does English or Spanish get spoken more?

English is definitely spoken more around the world then Spanish but in Latin and Spanish speaking areas, Spanish is spoken more often.

How many continents speak another language but English?

All the continents except Antarctica consists of different countries that each speak their own language. Most educated people in these countries use English as a 2nd language, French and German also Spanish are spoken in these countries.

Does Iceland speak spanish?

no there are not so many people in iceland that can talk spanish

On what islands is Spanish spoken?

Spanish is spoken al around the world. Just some spanish is spoken more in one area than in the others.

Where is Spanish not spoken in Central America?

Spanish is not spoken in Belize.

What type of Spanish is spoken in Guatemala?

Spanish is the official language, there are over twenty-one Mayan languages spoken in Guatemala. These languages are part of the Mesoamerican linguistic group and are spoken by the Mayans of Guatemala. Many of the Mayan people do not speak Spanish at all

How many continents of the world speak Spanish?

Spanish is Spoken on 5 Continents:North America (particularly Mexico and several countries in Central America)South America (all countries except Brazil, Suriname, the Falkland Islands and French Guyana)Europe (Spain)Africa (Equatorial Guinea)Asia (the Philippines, though no longer an official language there)

On how many continents of the world are spanish speaking countries found?


How many continents speak french?

French is widely spoken on three continents : North America (Canada), Europe, and Africa (northern parts and former colonies). Another area would be many Pacific islands of Polynesia.French is spoken on all seven continents--even Antarctica, where France's Dumont d'Urville scientific base can be found.

What languages are spoken in Havana Cuba?

Spanish is spoken by nearly everyone in Havana.

Is Spanish spoken in the Netherlands?

No, Spanish is not spoken in the Netherlands. For the languages of the Netherlands, click here.

Is Spanish spoken in Kazakhstan?

No, Spanish is not spoken in Kazakhstan. For the languages of Kazakhstan, click here.