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Q: In japan how many kanji do elementary students have to learn?
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What is the way to learn kanji easily?

To learn Kanji easily, just enroll to Kanji classes with professional tutors.

Would you learn kanji by frequency or simplicity?

The best way to learn kanji is by frequency. The more frequent the better you will get at it.

In which Country do students learn to write with both hands?

which country student learn writing with both hands

How do you learn how to write kanji?

Kanji is pretty complicated, they are the words in japan shortened down into one symbol. although, if you don't know hiragana, which is the Japanese alphabet and the expansion of those words, you should probably learn those first. for example. the word 'school', in hiragana, is: がっこう, which is gakkou. but to shorten down the writing you can write it in kanji which is: 学校 but it still stays as gakkou. Hiragana are much easier to learn and you don't need kanji to convey a message by writing hiragana. kanji are just complicated ways of making things shorter. to learn hiragana and kanji, I suggest going onto quizlet and searching "year 7 japanese' to find some tests that Japanese teachers make for their students that anyone can use. you can also try various websites with Japanese memory tests for year 7 English students. starting there would be best. there should be some text books you can find on it too. I would recommend the "hai" course and workbooks, you should be able to find them online. :)

What order do you learn kanji?

You can start from the Japanese 1st grade level, then to the 2nd grade level, and work yourself upward that way. Search Google for "Japanese 1st grade kanji" or something similar. If you learn some basic kanji characters, you will be able to read basic Japanese text, and from there, you can look up unfamiliar kanji in a Japanese dictionary like However, there is no "order" to learning kanji, and you can learn in whatever order you please.

What are the strategies in teaching elementary hekasi?

You have to make your talks educational and fun. If you get students to write/cope from books all lesson, they will not learn and will hate your class.

Do kids in japan learn English in school?

They can learn English as an elective but it isn't part of the curriculum. Most students do study English though because it does help them in life.

How could I learn Japanese in a short time not only to speak Japanese but to also read and right kanji as well?

Learning Japanese is very difficult to learn within a short period of time, especially with Kanji. Your best route is to first learn the basics, starting with Hiragana, then Katakana. Once you have a grasp on those two, you can slowly work your way into Kanji, which is one of the harder ones to learn.

How many kanji characters used please answer from someone Japanese?

Im not Japanese, but in Japanese the amount of charaters (Im refering to Kanji not Kana) you depends on your grade. In first grade there are 80 characters to learn, in second grade that doubles to 160. In total the first 6 or 7 grades cover about 2,136. These are known are Jyouyou Kanji or everyday Kanji and are used quite often in everyday situations. After that there is Jinmei kanji which are used in names. But before anyone trys to learn learn kanji they should learn Kana FIRST. Their are 2 main types of Kana. Hiragana and Katakana. Hiragana is used for Native Japanese words and names. Katakana is used for Foreign names and Borrowing in the Japanese language. Both of these are used to learn how to pronounce Kanji and even be used instead of Kanji sometimes (e.g. when a young child is reading or writing) Both Kana sets have about 42 characters each. Their are times when kana is written on top of kanji or to the right of it (depending on the direction of the text) this is known as Furigana.

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students in grades 7 and 8 go there to learn. they came from elementary to 7th grade and after 8th grade you go to high school

Where can someone learn Mexican hat dance in US?

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