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What are some puns in Lord of the Flies?

Lord of the Fleas

what are some good anxiety and stress management reliefs?

Remembering your five senses like when your stressed you all five senses β€œwhat do you taste smell see hear and feel

What are some tv shows about Lord of the Flies?

There is an episode of The Simpsons called "Das Bus" that is heavily based on the book "Lord of the Flies"

What are some popular occurrences of the number 5 eg five senses?

Well there is the five kingdoms of living creatures.

What are some specific examples of dehumanization in lord of the flies?

there are none

Examples of onomatopoeia in Lord of the Flies?

An onomatopoeia is a word that imitates the sound that it makes. Some onomatopoeia's in Lord of the Flies are whizzoh, bong,doink, zup, and schwish.

What is Piggy sure is going to happen in chapter 9 of Lord of the flies?

Piggy will eat some flies

Do tarantulas use all 5 senses?

There are many more than five senses. Some estimates put the number as high as 21, but it is generally agreed that five is the minimum. The basic five senses are touch, taste, smell, sight, and hearing. Others include an additional four senses to the list, which include the sense of temperature, pain, balance, and body position. A tarantula would use all of these.

Who is eric in Lord of the Flies?

Some kid that thinks he knows it all.

What is the symbols in Lord of the Flies?

There are a number of symbols in the novel. Some of them are : The conch shell The beast Glasses Fire The dance of the hunt The hunt Painted faces "Lord of the Flies"

What songs resemble Lord of the Flies?

There are several songs which resemble the book The Lord of the Flies. Some of the songs include "This Fire" by Franz Ferdinand and "Island in the Sun" by Weezer.

What are some paintings of Anita Magsaysay-Ho?

tuyo vendors,laundry women,five senses,

What are some reasons 'Lord of the Flies' has been challenged?

Lord of the flies has been challenged for its constant violience, racial slurs, and the use of a tapioca pudding brand

What are some movies with many boy roles?

Hook, and the Dead Poet Society.Also Lord of the Flies (not lord of the rings).

What are some songs related to Lord of the Flies that are not titled Lord of the Flies?

Shadows and Tall Trees from the U2 album Boy.U2s first album Boy features tracks called Shadows and Tall Trees, The Ocean and Stories For Boys, which are all inspired by Lord of the Flies.

In Lord of the Flies what are some traits of Piggys?

intelligent,kind,clear thinking

Why was Lord of the Flies so popular?

If you bothered to read it you might have some idea.

What are some physical traits of Simon in Lord of the flies?

he has a mop of dark hair.

What are some books or films with the theme 'the power of the imagination'?

Lord of the flies

Why does the war isolate the boys in lord of the flies?

The war isolates the boys in the Lord of the Flies because the world is preoccupied by the war. The outside world is dealing with some of the same problems that the boys are dealing with.

Describe the last group of boys to reach the meeting in Lord of the Flies?

some boys

What are some quotes about hunting in lord of the flies?

I love you babe come together and unite

What are some symbols found in chapter 6 of Lord of the Flies?

the dead parachute man

Historical information on when Lord of the Flies was set?

Lord of the Flies is not set in any specific time period but takes place in some imagined future, in which England is engaged in a nuclear war against 'The Reds.'

When does Ralph display kindness in Lord of the Flies?

Well the lord of the flies is a great book my class read it and loved it some people hated it ralph had kindness because that'show he grew up in a nice household .