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If you have the proper understanding of what the function of a manager is. Kind of sounds like a trick question of sorts.

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In many ways all managers are human resources managers

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sure, every manager deals with subordinates , he has to train , coach , develop and motivate his subordinates

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Human Resources Manager

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Q: In many ways all managers are Human Resources managers Discuss?
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The Demand for A Good Human Resources Manager?

The role of a Human Resources Manager has become more critical in a company’s success. Executives are offering this professional a seat at the negotiation table. Many Human Resources Managers consider their role as that of a strategic partner. Historically, Human Resources has been looked at as a clerical function. Although there are administrative parts to the HR function, Human Resources Managers are on the front lines of minimizing the company’s liability. Employees are filing record numbers of law suits; the savvy employer realizes the value of a competent Human Resources Manager. As a consequence of rising law suits, Human Resources Managers are tasked with providing training to management staff. Many legal cases are the result of poor management practices. Companies are recognizing the importance of investing in training. This function is just one of many for this professional. Discipline is another area that is a big part of the job. The way a company handles discipline can directly affect the number of law suits. This area is where most companies get into trouble. In addition, Human Resources Managers must champion the recruiting function. The staff are the most important asset the company possesses; therefore, this role is a critical part of the job. Many times the Human Resources Manager will supervise a staff that recruits, but ultimately, the responsibility falls on their shoulder. Human Resources Managers have many critical functions within an organization. As a consequence, pay is competitive in this field. An entry level Human Resources Manager can expect to earn approximately $38,000 to $60,000 per year. Geographical and industry specifics will determine the exact salary. There is much advancement opportunity within the field. Executive level Human Resources Professionals earn lucrative salaries. Most employers will require a minimum of a bachelor level degree. A degree in management or another business related field is best. More employers are also requiring a master’s level degree. Competition is fierce, and this standard will likely be consistent. The Human Resources professional can work in a variety of positions in this field. Benefits, compensation, labor laws, and recruitment are all different specialty areas that can be pursued. In the beginning, a general Human Resources position is probably best. This way the person can get a feel for the way the entire department works.

What are the jobs in a Human Resources department?

Training, labor relations, productivity, and recruitment are all job descriptions of human resource managers. Jobs that require a human resources degree span from department stores to headquarter offices.

Why do a person need to study organizational psychology to be a manager?

One does not have to study organizational psychology to become a manager. This is not to say it would not be helpful. Managers come from many different types of fields and industries. The critical issue I believe, is that aspiring managers should have managerial training. Many do not, and while they may have specific expertise within their field, many are just not good managers because of a lack of managerial training. This would also include the development of good interpersonal skills which many lack. Thus, when employees quit their job, they are not really quiting their job as much as they are quiting their manager. Managers must coordinate all available resources in an effort to achieve the organizations goals and objectives. These resources would include material, human, financial, and informational resources. Still, many managers who lack training often leave out the human element which is the organizations greatest asset. So, it is important to note that no matter which field one enters, managerial training is a necessity for successful outcomes particular to those who hold a managers position.

How do managers use organizational control techniques?

There are many ways managers use organizational control techniques. Managers use organization control techniques by helping employees find resources and teaching their employees to complete tasks successfully.

Where can one attend classes for Human Resources training?

Many companies will offer their own classes on Human Resources training. Universities such as Capella, Phoenix, and Walden offer online certificates in Human Resources.

What is a university offering online human resources training?

Many universities offer online and offline degrees for human resources. The best online school for human resources is the Villanova University of education. They come well recommended.

Skills and Education Required for a Human Resources Degree?

A degree in Human Resources Management prepares students for work as human resources managers (also called personnel managers). HR management is a practical career field that offers job security. Every business needs someone in charge of recruiting, interviewing, hiring, and employee benefits.Nature of the WorkHR managers work in an office setting. Occasionally, they may leave the office for recruiting purposes. In the workplace, they have many responsibilities. HR managers list new job postings online, in newspapers, and in other types of media. They receive resumes and cover letters from job candidates. They are also involved in the interviewing process. Often HR managers are the ones who call candidates to set up interviews, and they may also participate in the face-to-face interview or phone interview. Once a job candidate is chosen and hired, HR managers are responsible for handling their benefits package. The personnel manager processes paperwork for insurance packages, paid leave, and other benefits provided by the employer.Employability SkillsHR managers are often the first people that potential job candidates meet within a business organization. For this reason, human resources managers should have a professional demeanor, and they should dress professionally. Because personnel managers handle important employee documents, it is important that they are organized and able to keep information confidential. Many companies and organizations also require HR managers to have a Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources Management.EducationThe degree in Human Resources is listed as a business degree. Most of the courses required for the degree are business courses. Some people pursue the degree online, which is practical and convenient. There are no hands-on courses, so obtaining the degree through a distance learning program is plausible. Some colleges and universities also offer a Master’s degree in HR Management. However, a Bachelor’s degree is often the only degree required to begin work in the field. The following is a list courses that are generally required, but this list is not all inclusive:--Business Management--Introduction to Accounting--Compensation and Benefits--Recruiting--Legal and Ethical Issues in Business--Business Communication

What is a example of human resource?

There are many opportunities to find a job in the human resources department. Some examples of jobs in human resources are being a counselor or working in the H.R. department where you consult with people at work.

What are the benefits of Human Resources Solution?

There are many benefits of using a Human Resources Solution. They can provide, and maintain medical and pension benefits to employees. Many offer Payroll solutions as well.

How many human resource management be defined?

Managing Human Resources: Personnel Management in Transition,

What is the top rated school in the Northeast that offers human resources classes?

There are many top rated schools that offer courses in human resources. Depending on your specific area of interest in human resources and location would create the best match.

Are there any good job opportunities after I complete a human resources career?

There are many opportunities for someone who is experienced in human resources. Specifically those with human resources backgrounds can make excellent recruiters and head hunters, which can be very lucrative positions.