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There's no direct words for table other than table but here's a German one: Tabelle

Perhaps a grid or array.

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In math what is a table?

a math table in math is a table that describes your graph in a different way

What are synonyms of math?


Where to find synonyms for math words?

On the internet

How do math teachers use the periodic table?

Is the periodic table used for Math teachers?

What is a ratio table in math terms?

a ratio table is a way of presenting a ratio on a math table... pretty self-explanatory

What is a table in math terms?

it is where you have a table of data

What is a math table?

a math table is a table that show a graph show or any other problem or to make a graph that shows information

What is the synonyms of table?

desk, stand, counter, board

What do you call terms in math that almost mean the same thing?


What is a rate table in math?

A table that shows an amount of something and the cost.

What is the math term for table?


Is table of contents the definition of factor in math?


What does a tally table do in math?

A tally table makes tracking and counting things easier.

What is a table coefficient in math terms?

well the coefficient in math is the number before the varibal.

Table scrap synonym?

Synonyms for table scrap are ort and morsel. Plate crumb and food bit can also be used to replace the words table scrap in a sentence.

What is dogging table Related to Math?

the @#$

What are synonyms of the math word multiply?

gnidaa ot ralnmis si ylpitlum drom eht.

What would be a synonym for reflected?

in math it would be flip but i dont know any other synonyms

What are synonyms of points in the math term?

There is no synonym. Mathematics uses very specific words for fundamental terms.

What are some advantages of a math frequency table?

you can read it easily

What does rate table mean in math?

you didnt even give me the answer

What is fractions-?

Fractions is a table of content. This is used mostly in math.

What is table in math?

Its basically just a fancy way to say chart

What are some advantages of a function table in math?

it shows the function of things

What is math domin?

If you use an input output table, domain is the input.