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you go to acdc

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Q: In megaman white 3 where do you get the hammer that lets you get past monolith in the secret areas?
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In Megaman battlenetwork blue where can you get the chip volcano?

Chip traders OR from volcano family viruses in the Undernet and Secret Areas that you S rank in Custom style with standard chips.

Is there any secret areas in Pokemon HeartGold?

there are no secret areas in heartgold or soulsilver.

Where can you get a longsword l in Megaman 3?

Longsword Is and Ls are available from Swordy viruses in the Sci-Lab Areas.

In Megaman 3 for game boy where do you go when Megaman says rank 10 is where the evil falls?

It is talking about Hades Isle. When you go in you'll need press NC program, and just search and he will be in one of the open 3x3 areas.

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How do you get the mystery badge in break the worm?

Find all secret areas

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there are alot like in the lake of rage

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Yes, there are a total of 4 secret areas in Build-A-Bearville. There is the Top secret Coffee Shop, the Tree House, the Lighthouse, and the Backstage area.

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Where to find Sword y in megaman 3 blue?

Sword Y chips are in green mysterydata in the ACDC and possibly Sci-Lab areas. If you trawl these areas long enough, jacking out and back in every time you finish a sweep, you'll find one eventually.

How do you get to HMS in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Talk to EVERYBODY, sometimes there are secret houses or areas with people that will give them to you.

Where are all the Heart Gems in The Legendary Starfy?

IN all the secret areas with 2 treasure chests

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blee! =p secret! :p

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It is probably a cheat

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Where can you find the hammer thing in Megaman Battle Network 3 Blue?

in order to find hammer it is in under 7 like u said but in order to get there u have to do the folliwing which is beat flaman a in under 4 near the dead end of the entrance to under square,then when u beat him go to yoka 1 near the heater (equiped the oil body)if lucky u will encounter him if do beat him. note: he can be found at other areas as well (yoka 1), wen u beat him go to under 6 then go left and unlock the cube. keep going and u will and u will find a spikey virus wen u do he will leave and then go up to the top and u will see the hammer in one of those data thingies.

What are all the secret rooms and areas in Kirby returns to dream land?

well 1 is UP UR @$$ XD