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In mime types what does vnd stand for eg vnd-msexcel?

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"vnd" in this content stands for "vendor". vnd-msexcel is a vendor-specific media type.

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What is the curency of Vietnam?

dong (vnd)

What's the currency of Vietnam?

Dong (VND)

What is Vietnam's currency?

The Vietnamese dong, pronounced dow-ng-m, with a very deep tone on the 'ow'. One US dollar is equivalent to approximately 19,000 VND. Even though the USD is worth a lot more than the VND, the VND is very inflated.

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The currency of Vietnam is the dong (VND).They use the 'Vietnam Dong'

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Strictly speaking, Vietnamese Dong is not a valid currency in the United States, so it is useless.However, if the question is what the conversion rate is from 20,000 VND into USD, 20,000 VND is roughly $0.89 USD, less than a dollar.

Currencies of less value than Indian rupee?

VietnamVietnamese Dong1 INR = 385 VND

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As of today (October 2009), there is 3166 Vietnamese dong (VND) to one Norwegian krone (NOK).You can do currency conversions straight in the Google search - type in amount, currency from and currency to like this:1000 VND in NOKand you get a reasonable approximation. See related link.

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