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the top right hand corner on the book shelf, right above the arm of the chair, dead center and in the top left hand corner.

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Q: In mission 7 on 39 clues where are all the note pieces?
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In mission were are all the pieces of paper 39 clues?

There scattered around the library

In the 39 clues mission 4 how do you break the safe?

you have two fit pieces in all the places

How do you pass the lucian mission in the 39 clues?

You have to place all the pieces of the code into the block. It's kind of like Tetris.

How do you beat mission 10 on 39 clues?

you need all the clues

How do you win 39 clues?

Get all clues, complete every mission

What are the cheats for the seccond mission in 39 clues?

There are absolutely no cheats for the 39 clues website. AT ALL!

What happens when you have all 39 clues?

I'm still working on it, but you have to have all the Clues in order to do the second part in Mission 10.

How Can You Be a Madrigal in The 39 Clues online?

You can become a madrigal by finishing mission ten but to do that you have to have all 39 clues.

How do you do mission 0 on The 39 Clues?

Beat all of the mini-games!

Where are all of the pieces of paper on mission 7 39 clues?

one piece of paper is next to a cupboard, the other is next to a book, the other is on a self at right and the last one is on the highest self at left.

How do you beat missions on 39 clues?

All you have to do is finish the mission! That is the only thing!

How do you solve mission 10 on 39 clues?

You must have all 39 clues in order to continue with the final mission. You can get these "clues" by playing the missions in the 39 clues website, buying the books and entering the code in the cards you got, and buying a card pack; Example:P4G4MPNNXP. Sorry but even I haven't done it.