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"The 39 Clues" is an adventure book series. The first book and storyline were written by Rick Riordan. Each book after has a new author.

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The 39 Clues

When is mission 10 coming out in the 39 clues?

It already came out.

The 39 Clues

The 39 clues mission 0?






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The 39 Clues

What are some clues that your marriage is in trouble?

Clues to a troubled marriageThe fact that you are asking is probably a hint that your marriage is indeed in trouble.

The best way to approach it is to confront your partner. Look into the following - Do they seem distracted? Has their behavior changed? Is there some outside stress that is maybe bothering them? Do you suspect an an affair? - and be straightforward in asking.

Finally, just be honest with yourself. A troubled marriage usually is felt by both partners. Can you honestly say you've been completely happy? The answer is probably right in front of you.

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Some know in their gut or suspect it, and then some had NO CLUE that they were about to get a divorce because the other party had his or her own thing going on.

Some signs: New clothes or new style of clothing. Usually if someone is cheating or thinking about it, they will start taking better care of their body. Do an Internet search on how to check the history files and cookies of your computer and operating system as well. Has their taste in music suddenly changed? Do they have a cell phone that is a minute phone? Is there a key for a post office box you didn't know that other person had? Is that person seemingly spending more time with "meetings" and friends then in the past? These do not always mean something is up, but it does mean to be on your toes.

Decline in sexual attraction - very noticeable when pattern of sexual intimacy has changed. Your spouse no longer turns to you for pleasure.

Time one on one diminishes. You no longer spend time together alone.

When was the last time your spouse told you they loved you? If its been some time that would indicate perhaps there is a problem you are not aware of.

Sleeping in another room.

Q: I know my marriage is in trouble because he cant stand me for more than five minutes. I feel like things have changed because we have been married for 15 years (too long)he wants his freedom which is stay as far away from me as he can. I wish I knew the reason behind it so far I haven't found anything in his pocket or on his phone but I could use some advice.

The 39 Clues

What was Tomas ruler Hideyoshi's ninkname?

Bald rat.

The 39 Clues

How does the book the maze of bones end?

It ends with Amy and Dan finding out that their clue is iron solute, the kids meeting with Mr. McIntyre, learning that they have to go to Vienna, and Mr. McIntyre meeting with the Man In Black

The 39 Clues

Where was the madrigals first developed?

The Madrigals were formed by Madeline Cahill, Olivia Cahill's fifth daughter. Unknown to Luke, Jane, Katrina, and Thomas, when Gideon died, Olivia was pregnant. Madrigals contain no traces of the serum, as Madeline was born after the serum was destroyed, and never consumed any.

The 39 Clues

What is the code for the thomas branch 39 clues?

fight tehe

The 39 Clues

Is Natalie Kabra pretty?

yeah boy

The 39 Clues

How many characters in 39 clues one false note?

Not including side characters there are twelve Cahills searching for the 39 clues. Amy and Dan (Madrigals) Ian and Natalie (Lucian) Irina Spasky (Lucian) Jonah Wizard (Janus) Alstair Oh (Ekat) and the Holts (Tomas).

The 39 Clues

When will mission ten in The 39 Clues come out?

Starts August 31, 2010 12:00 AM / and ends on December 31, 2010 at 11:59 PM

The 39 Clues

Who dies in The 39 Clues book 9?

Miss Alice's son, Lester, died.

The 39 Clues

How do you solve the clues for the isis puzzle?

Watch this video-

its really easy to follow - good look!!! :)

The 39 Clues

Is Irina Spasky alive in the Vespers Rising?

No. She died earlier. she died saving Amy Dan cahill and Alitsair oh. She died in In to deep

The 39 Clues

Who killed Amy and Dan Cahill's parents 39 clues?

Isabel Kabra.

The 39 Clues

Any 39 clues codes for book 1-3?

it might not work mine is 239CXJM7X3

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The 39 Clues

When is The 39 Clues book 13 coming out?

There are only going to be 11 books in the 39 Clues series. However, starting this August, a new series, The 39 Clues Cahills vs. Vespers, will be published. The first book, The Medusa Plot comes out soon, and the second comes out in December. After that, books will be published every March, August, and December until this sequel series is finished.

The 39 Clues

What are The 39 Clues books in order?

Series one: The 39 Clues

  • 1 The Maze of Bones
  • 2 One False Note
  • 3 The Sword Thief
  • 4 Beyond the Grave
  • 5 The Black Circle
  • 6 In Too Deep
  • 7 The Viper's Nest
  • 8 The Emperor's Code
  • 9 Storm Warning
  • 10 Into the Gauntlet
  • 11 Vespers Rising

Series two: Cahills vs. Vespers

  • 1 The Medusa Plot
  • 2 A King's Ransom
  • 3 The Dead of Night
  • 4 Shatterproof
  • 5 Trust No One
  • 6 Day of Doom

Series three: Unstoppable

  • 1 Nowhere to Run (October 2013)
  • 2 Breakaway (January 2014)
The 39 Clues

What are content clues?

cahill vs. vespers

The 39 Clues
The 39 Clues Cards

What are combos for the 39 clues cards?

About the CardsAlong with the series, Scholastic has released cards to collect. Over 400 are planned to be released. These cards have codes that can be entered online. Online, cards can be combined, unlocked, or solved to make clues. Some cards have puzzles that can be solved. Other cards have a "Top Secret" tab that reveals more information about characters, branches, or other interesting facts. There are different types of cards and different rarities. Branches of CardsCards can either belong to the Lucian, Ekaterina, Janus, Tomas, Cahill, or Madrigal Branch. Types of CardsEach card must be either Agent, Founder, Location, Secret, Prestige, Money, or a Replicator Card

Agent: Agent Cards are any cards that show or describe a person in the 39 Clues Universe. These are normally present-day characters.

Founder: Founder Cards are any cards that show or describe a historic person that is perceived as a Cahill. Most are from the past, and are dead.

Location: Location Cards are any cards that show or describe either a Clue location, historic site, etc. that is linked with the 39 Clues Universe.

Secret: Secret Cards almost always have some sort of code in them for you to crack, and will often have the "Top Secret" tab in the card discription.

Bonus CardsPrestige: Prestige Cards are a kind of Bonus Card, and are only used in the 39 Clues game, Double Cross. They act as a blockade to stop your opponent from Stealing or Sabotaging your deck.

Money: Money Cards are a kind of Bonus Card, and are only used in the 39 Clues game, Double Cross. They act in the form of you gaining the ability to take any card you want from your deck, even if it's covered up.

Replicator: Replicator Cards are a kind of Bonus Card, BUT they also have another job. In the 39 Clues game Double Cross, Replicator Cards give the player the chance to start or end a mission stack, used as a Wild Card. But if used off of the game Double Cross, Replicators have yet another function. They can be used to "Replicate" cards that you currently do not have and need/want! Although when you Replicate the cards, they will only appear virtually (unless you print them out), it's a fun and easy way to gain cards that you need for missing Card Combos for Clues. To Replicate a Super Common, Common, or Uncommon Card, you must have and use-up one Replicator Card. For Rare and Ultra-Rare Cards, you must use/have three Replicator Cards.

Rarities of CardsThe rarity can either be Super-Common, Common, Uncommon, Rare, or Ultra-Rare. Card CombosCard Combos are combinations of cards that can unlock clues. All the cards in a combo must be collected in order to unlock the clue. You can identify a card combo card by its clue key (only in Packs 2-4) Agent CardsAgent Cards are cards made by people online. You can decorate your card however you like using the outlines and decorations provided by Scholastic, and your card is given a number. An example is P4G4MPNNXP. These card numbers can be swapped with friends or other 39 Clues fans and you can add other's cards to your account. Puzzle CardsPuzzle Cards have a Puzzle section in their Full Card Profile. If you solve the puzzle, you will get an award that goes to your Agent Card. Clue CardsClue Cards can unlock clues by collecting all the cards needed for the clue combo. Top Secret CardsTop Secret Cards are cards that have a Top Secret section in their Full Card Profile. "Thomas Jefferson" Cards"Thomas Jefferson" cards are cards that have puzzle pieces on the back of the card. They got this name as the first card was Card 6. There is one "Thomas Jefferson" card in each of the packs that are released with the books. If you turn these cards over, they form a picture. These cards have three asterisks (***) after their card name in the card charts below.

"Thomas Jefferson" CardsNumberNameFrontBackWhere To Get6Card 6: Thomas JeffersonThe Maze of Bones19Card 19: Monument ValleyOne False Note33Card 33: Samurai SaladinThe Sword Thief78Card 78: SakhetBeyond the Grave91Card 91: Kremlin SurveillanceThe Black Circle111Card 111: Anak KrakatauIn Too Deep149Card 149: Prison Number 4The Viper's Nest165Card 165: The NudelmansThe Emperor's Code211Card 211: Bermuda StrongholdStorm Warning220Card 220: The Last Chance

Into the Gauntlet

The Thomas Jefferson Puzzle

The Four Branch Founders

The 39 Clues

Is Nellie Gomez dead?

no. she is captured by the vespers. I repeat, although she was shot, she is not dead.

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The 39 Clues

What is a dogfight?

I believe a dogfight is an aerial battle amongst fighters

The 39 Clues

What is the janus training mission 1 code?


The 39 Clues

Why does book 5 of the 39 clues have a classified cover?

It will be obvious they go to russia

The 39 Clues

Will there be a 39 clues book 11?

YES and you can order it from amazon

The 39 Clues

Cheats for mission 5 on 39 clues?

You wait until the month they come out or you finish the one before.


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