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Maybe you were delivering babies to the mothers?

and maybe that's what you will be when you grow up!!! :D

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Q: In my dream i was in the hospital deliverying what does that mean?
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What does your dream mean you had a dream that you were pregnant and your water broke and you went to the hospital and you were giving birth and my bf never showed i was by myself?

This dream suggests the dreamer doubts the boy friend will be there for her when she needs him.

What does it mean when you have a dream that you try to kill yourself and you are in a hospital?

I suspect you are under stress and working out a problem in your life.

What does it mean when you dream of some in the hospital that has already passed away?

It is entirely natural and common to dream of the deceased after they pass away. Your mind might associate the person with the hospital because that may have been the last place you saw that person before their death.

Why was Hanna in a mental hospital with Alison?

They weren't in a mental hospital. When Hannah was in the hospital, she had a dream and Allison was in it.

What does it mean if you dream about someone calling you about someone in the hospital?

Dreams are about the dreamer. If you dream of putting someone in the hospital, your mind is using the image of that other person to represent something about yourself - probably that you are overdue for a medical checkup. On the other hand, if someone else dreams of putting you into the hospital, that dream is about that other person, and in that dream "you" represent something about that other person.

What does a viscious green snake and a hospital mean in a dream?

Snakes often represent something that is dangerous and threatening, but snakes also symbolize rejuvenation and healing, as in the caduceus, the emblem of medicine. This dream combines the "vicious" snake with a hospital, suggesting a fear of medical treatment.

What does it mean when you have a dream that you are in a hospital room standing with your ex boyfried while he is holding you and whispering in your ear?

It could mean that you still love him/her or that you are completely over him/her and that you feel sorry for them

What is the most likely method of deliverying a chemical weapon against an airbase?

Tactical Ballistic Missle

What does it mean to dream of being in an animal hospital?

Assuming the dreamer is being treated as a patient in an animal hospital, the dream suggests that the dreamer feels that others, particularly authorities, do not recognize the dreamer's dignity or value as a human being. It might also indicate that the dreamer feels that she/he is being treated inappropriately.

What does it mean if you dream about being in hospital?

The psychologist Sigmund Freud says that one of two things might be true about this kind of dream. First, the dreamer, though he might not know it, actually wants or wanted this person (in the hospital) to die. If a man dreams that his father is in the hospital, this probably goes back to a time in eary childhood when he wanted to kill his father. The same is true for a woman dreaming that her mother is in the hospital. Second, the person in the hospital might actually represent someone else, who the dreamer, whether he knows it or not, wants to kill. The person who the dreamer sees in the hospital and the person who the dreamer wants to kill probably have something in common, whether it is a wart on the nose, an angry personality, or whatever else.

What does it mean to eat kola nut in dream?

What does it mean to eat kola but in the dream

What does it mean if you cant get a hold of someone in your dream?

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