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In ninja town what do the green forest ninjas fire at their enemies?


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there called sniper ninjas and they fire sling shot ammo

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If you look closely at the faces (more specifically the eyebrows) of all four ninjas, and then that of the green ninja, you will see that one of their faces match up exactly with the green ninja. That ninja would be Kai, Ninja of Fire. This is also supported by the fact that Kai is the only ninja that has used a new technique with his golden weapon; thus being farther along in training than the other ninjas.

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Yes, very much. The Ninjas were originated in Kobe, Japan when the Japanese military needed people who could easily find out the enemies' secrets. But they realized that Ninjas were feirce, loyal, and brave, so they decided to keep them. Today, ninjas may not be as recognized as they were to the Japanese military, but they still go out on quests; many people have made Ninja groups to keep the Ninja population up and running.

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