In order to be elected as president what three requirements must be met?

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The person has to 35 years old, be a natural citizen of the United States, and have been in the country 14 years before running. The 14 year requirement allows for people to serve in the military or a government post overseas.
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What are the three requirements for being president?

One requirement for becoming president of the United States is thatthe person must be born in the United States or born abroad to atleast parent who is a US citizen. Other requirements for beingpresident are that a person has to be 35 years old and must live inthe United States for at least 14 years ( Full Answer )

What legal requirements must be met in order to own a wolf-dog hybrid in Ontario Canada?

Namaste' you would need to contact your local fish and wildlife, to see if they make any exceptions (like a special made permit for you) as wolfdogs were banned a number of years back now. Once banned they are simply banned like any kind of animal can be. If someone is licensed for pure wolves such ( Full Answer )

How many votes must a person receive in order to become President if the election is decided by the House of Representatives?

26. If the House of Representatives decides a presidential election, the votes are taken by state with each state getting one vote. The winner must get a majority of all of the states. 59 Representatives, consisting of a majority in the 26 smallest states, can choose the President. It's highly ( Full Answer )

What are two requirements which must be met in order to donate blood?

you have to at least be 17-have to be feeling well-weigh at least 110 lbs-your pulse has to be 80-100 beats per minute-temperature shoudl not go over 99.5-blood pressure should be between 160/90 to 110/60- the venipuncture site should be clear and scar free...hope this answers your question ^_^

Does the president elect must be approved by the congress?

They approval that the election was valid. They don't actually "approve" of the President. They count the votes and make it official. The Constitution actually has a provision for a procedure and in rare cases they will actually vote in a VP or a President (which was done once for a VP and twice fo ( Full Answer )

Which requirements must be met to become a Romanian citizen and marry your Romanian boyfriend after a two or three year relationship?

I believe you may marry a Romanian citizen without becoming one first. Later it would be easier. I don't know which formalities are required at present; some time ago one needed a whole load of documents. You could check on the site of the Ministry of Foreign/External Affairs: "Ministerul Afacerilor ( Full Answer )

What requirements must be met to record an asset?

there are three requirements: 1) the asset must be owned by theentity, 2) the asset must has a monetary value, and 3) the monetaryvalue of the asset must be objectively measurable.

In order to be a president a person must be?

intellectual sophisticated most likely major in politics probably must've been a lawyer or in Congress, House of Representatives, or the Supreme Court familiar with current affairs familiar with current economy familiar with past presidential mistakes familiar and up to date with bills ( Full Answer )

What are the two requirements that must be met in order to establish an electric circuit?

In order to have a valid electric circuit, two requirements must be met: there must be a potential difference within it (measured in Volts), and current must be flowing through it (measured in Amperes). That implies that the three basic blocks of a circuit are present - a power source (that defines ( Full Answer )

What are three informal requirements to be elected president?

1) experience in government or high military rank 2) ability to raise large amounts of money. 3) political beliefs- be a fit for a major party 4) personal characteristics- mental stability- no "skeletons in the closet", charisma 5) skill in debating and in fielding leading questions from rep ( Full Answer )

What requirements must be met before incorporation of a company?

Requirements that must be met before incorporation of a company are filing company formation documents with a company name. You also need to describe how many stocks of your company there are. Each state has differing requirements, these are some that are shared.

What three requirements must a person meet to become presidents or vice presidents of the US?

Article 2, Section 1, Clause 5 of the US Constitution states: "No person except a natural born citizen, or a citizen of theUnited States, at the time of the adoption of this Constitution,shall be eligible to the office of President; neither shall anyperson be eligible to that office who shall not ha ( Full Answer )