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No. You can use a text editor, such as Notepad. Most computers alrady have Ntepad so you won't need to install it.

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Q: In order to program HTML code you need to have an expensive program?
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In order to program HTML code do you need an expensive program?

In order to code HTML you do not need an expensive program. HTML can be coded in Notepad if you want to. I recommend Komodo Edit. It is a free program that I use to code. You can download it from the link in the "Related Links" section.

HTML code has a limit of 10 webpages per site?

No! HTML is simply code. You can write 1 million pages of HTML code if you want. HTML is not a program. Its code. Now you may have a program that uses HTML code and that program has limitations. But not HTML itself.

How can you make your song into a HTML code?

There is no software, program, or pattern that transforms songs into HTML.

Is it true HTML code needs to be complied before it run in order for it to work?

No HTML can be written in a simple text file and saved as .html.

Is code and tag are same in HTML?

No, code is the program's script itself. Tags are elements that specify different aspects of the code, usually pertaining to how the document is displayed.

What is a HTML generator?

It is a program that can generate HTML for you, without you needing to know what HTML is and how to use it. So you can type out your text and say what size and colour you want it and the generator will create the HTML code to do that for you. Dreamwaver is a very well known piece of software that can generate HTML for you.

Can someone make an HTML code where i can just put my file in and it to work please?

You have to give the complete file in order to make and HTML file. The file should be compatible with the code.

What Is The Code To Show An Html A Text?

<code><code>HTML TEXT HERE</code></code>

What is browser program?

A browser is simply a program (software) in which one uses to access the internet (Takes code like html and converts it to an image text etc...)

How do you pull up your HTML code?

You can pull up your HTML code by right clicking the code and hitting, View Source. This will open the HTML code and you can format it.

What Pokemon game has a HTML code?

No game has HTML code because HTML is only for web design.

What type of a program is used in order to enter c source code?

What type of a program is used in order to enter C source code