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Brazil nut


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Hitler referred to Physics as "the Jewish science". This was because there was a large amount of German Jewish Physicists.

In convection less molecules occupy large volume as in air to reduce the density.

How are large currents created?

Air moves in large circular patterns called convection cells. A convection cell is most notable in the formation of clouds with its release and transportation of energy.

Yes. A hurricane is a large, very ppowerful convective system. A hurricane cannot exist without convection.

Convection currents rese and sink through the mantle and the liquid outer core. In Earth's mantle, large amounts of heat are transferred by convection currents. Heat from the core and the mantle itself causes convection currents in the mantle.

Air moves in large, circular patterns called convection cells.

This phenomenon is controlled by gravitational pull. Large objects tend to have a large gravitational pull. Smaller objects are pulled in by large objects. The reason why planets are a steady distance from the sun is because they have a perfect amount of inward and outward pull.

Local winds are caused by small convection currents and global winds are caused by large convection winds. All wind is caused by the uneven heating of Earth's surface, which sets convection currents in motion.

The compound formed is called a polymer. The phenomenon is polymerization.

Convection currents in the Earth's mantle driven by heat energy from the core.

movement of large sections of Earth's crust :) . _ NovaNET

No, an elephant is not large because it has large cells.

It's exactly the same phenomenon; lightning is just a very large spark.

Not exactly. Although a large part of their composition consists of clouds and rain, they are an atmospheric phenomenon.

Metanalysis is combining a large number of studies of a similar phenomenon to come to some larger conclusion about the issue in question.

Lightning is nothing but a a sort of spark, large spark. Mechanism of both the phenomenon is same.

A geosyncline is a large depression containing thick deposits in the earth's crust. Often, these depressions are made by the convection currents drawing downwards.

the large amount of energy forces the two plates to move apart

A phenomenon that causes great damage to a lot of people or a large area over which man has little or no control.

It is the phenomenon that people are more likely to comply with small requests, if they are asked to do very large requests first. Then the small request seems more reasonable, because it is after the large unreasonable request.For example:If I asked you to plan all upcoming budget meetings and holidays parties, and then asked you to stay late today, According to this theory, you would be more likely to say yes to my second request after hearing the first one.

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