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In photosynthesis the source of electrons is?

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The electrons come from water.

In the light dependent stage water is split into hydrogen ions (H+), electrons and oxygen.

The electrons are passed on to chlorophyll, the H+ ions combine with NADP to form NADPH and the oxygen is released.

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What is the source of energy that provides the boost for electrons during photosynthesis?

Electrons are used as an exchange currency during photosynthesis. The energy that provides the boost for these electrons comes from the electron transport chain.

The energy source in photosynthesis is?

the enrgy source in photosynthesis is?

Where do the supply of electrons come from in photosynthesis?

The supply of electrons in photosynthesis comes from water.

The source of energy for photosynthesis is what?

The Source of energy for photosynthesis is sunlight.

What is the carbon source for photosynthesis?

The Carbon source for photosynthesis is the air

What is the enegry source for Photosynthesis?

the energy source for Photosynthesis is light.

What is the source of oxygen in photosynthesis in plants?

Water is the source of oxygen in photosynthesis.

What is the source of the oxygen gas during photosynthesis?

The source of oxygen for photosynthesis is water.

What is the energy source in photosynthesis?

LightSunlight is the energy source in photosynthesis.

What are the energized electrons in photosynthesis?

electrons energized by the sunlight

In photosynthesis what is the immediate source of energy used to produce a proton gradient?

energy released as electrons are transferred from one carrier to another

Why are Electron carriers important in photosynthesis?

why are electrons important to photosynthesis.

Does mitochondria provides electrons for the cell?

No it does not. But photosynthesis provides electrons

The source of oxygen gas released by a photosystem?

Water is the source of oxygen gas that is released by a photosystem. In photosynthesis, water splitting donates electrons to power the transport chain in photosystem II.

What does electrons do in photosynthesis?

In photosynthesis electrons play a important role for example; NADP grabs a hydrogen atom to form NADPH

Does photosynthesis involve the transfer of electrons?

Yes. Photosynthesis involves the transfer of electrons. Photosynthesis causes a chemical change. All chemical changes involve either the transfer of electrons or a change in the configuration of electrons. No other way exists to make a chemical change.

List three things that plant needs for photosynthesis?

For photosynthesis, plants need water, carbon dioxide, and sunlight (or photons). The water provides electrons, the sunlight provides the energy, and CO2 provides a carbon source.

What does photosynthesis do for plant cell?

photosynthesis is the source of food for plants

Why is water needed in photosynthesis?

What is needed in Photosynthesis because it help produce electrons.

There is a continuous flow of from water in photosynthesis?

There is a continuous flow of electrons from water in photosynthesis.

What Is a plant cell's source of energy for photosynthesis-?

Not all organisms that use light as a source of energy carry out photosynthesis.

What is the relationship between Solar radiation and photosynthesis?

the energy source is sun. Photosynthesis need sun as a energy source.

Why light is needed for photosynthesis in detail?

Light is the source of energy used by plants to do reactions that normally would not complete by themselves. More specifically, light is captured by two photosystems, the electrons from which are then used as sources of energy to do photosynthesis.

Does Respiration uses sunlight as it's energy source?

No it does not. Respiration gets its energy from ATP(produced in photosynthesis when electrons travel through the electron transport chain)

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