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If by matter you mean molecules / atoms then no. Physical change is when the look / shape of something is changed but not its chemical structure, chemical change is when the molecules that make up the object n question are changed.

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Is a change in size shape or state of matter a physical change or a chemical change?

a change in size, shape or the state of matter is a physical change. True for A+.

A physical change is a change in size shape or state of matter?

A physical change is a change in the form of matter but not the chemical composition of it.

A description physical change?

a physical change is when the shape/ state of matter is changed and no new matter is produced

What is changes in physical change?

physical change is change in the physical properties of matter that does not involve a change in its composition

What is a physical change of matter?

A physical change in matter occurs when the shape or form of matter changes, but there is no chemical reaction. If someone were to melt a sugar cube, that would be an example of a physical change.

What happens to matter during a physical change?

in a physical change, matter does NOT change its idenity, on shape, size, ect. that include being a maleabilty

The change in which no new kinds of matter are formed but the size shape or state of the matter may change?

The change in which no new kinds of matter are formed but the size, shape or state of the matter may change is known as a physical change.

What are the characteristic of physical change?

The characteristic of physical chage are size, shape, and the state of matter.

When does physical chang happen?

A physical change is a change in the state or shape of matter. A physical change does not alter the chemical composition of matter. Examples of physical change include grinding a stone into powder, boiling water into steam, and breaking a window.

When matter undergoes a physical change does the composition of the matter change?

No. An example of a physical change is cutting up a carrot. Physical changes occur when the shape of the substance or the state (gas, liquid, solid) of it change. In the example, the carrot's shape is changed (1 piece to many pieces), so it's a physical change. The composition never changes.

What are signs of physical change?

weight, size, Shape, height, state, matter

Is a sharpining pencil chemical or physical change?

It is a physical change, because you have not altered the chemical composition of matter, you have only changed its shape.

What is physical change matter?

A physical change is the change of size, form, or shape of a material,but not in its chemical composition. There are 5 types of physical change: Evaporation, Condensation, Melting, Freezing, and Sublimation.

How do physical changes differ from chemical changes?

physical changes change the color, shape, or state of matter. chemical change is the change from one substance to another.

Effects of heat?

change in shape of matter change in temperature change in size of matter fusion melting condensation sublimation solidification expansion chemical change change in dimension physical change

Is a change in state of matter a chemical or physical change?

The physical change is a change in the state of matter.

Can matter change states after a physical change?

Yes, matter can change states after a physical change.

Does a physical change occurs when matter changes state?

no physical change does not change matter

Is a change of a shape a chemical change?

no a change in shape is physical change

Difference between chemical and physical changes?

a physical change is the form of matter but not in its chemical identity or is when the state or shape of matter is changed.physical change is reversable or temporary while a chemical is permenent or cannot be reversed.a chemical change is a change in which one or more kinds of matter are transformed into a new kind of matter.

Does boiling water undergo a physical or chemical change?

It undergoes a chemical change. It would be physical change if it changed in shape or color; a chemical change is when it changes states of matter. Actually it is a physical change because you can change it back to water!!

What type of matter can change shape and volume?

The matter that can change shape and volume is gas.

Does matter go through a physical change?

Matter can go through change of state. This is a physical change from gas>liquid>solid. So, matter can has a physical change.

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