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In platinim how do you get garitina into his original form?


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you need to get a griseous orb from turn back cave.

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Well GARITINA is at spring path which you find on your map after you deafeat all 8 gyms. you must know surf, rockclimb, and rocksmash. you go to the turn back cave and find GARITINA at level 70. use a, dusk ball, or a master ball. he will be in original form. By The Pokemon Battle Girls Battle Girl 4 l l U

in the flower store in floaroma town only if the first of the team is shaymin

If you kill Garitina on diamond, you will kill am and never have him. i would recommend saving before you catch Garitina.

You can't catch Garitina on Pokemon White.

Well to get Garitina use the master ball to catch Garitina or some dusks balls or timer balls or some quick balls.

Garitina appears after you beat the Elite Four. It will be under Hearthome city i believe.

well you can only get garitina once but if you have action replay you could get it as much as you want or you could trade people to get garitina again

To keep Garitina in his origin form you need to beat the elite four and go back to where you and Cynthia came back to the real world called the Sendoff Spring.You go into the cave there called Turnback cave and after a while you will end up to a place with a giant pillar and an entrance to the distortion world if you go to the end youll get an item called a griseous orb give it to garitina and he stays in his origin form.Be CAREFUL the Pokemon can range from level 30 to 70

Garitina is a Generation IV pokemon, and therefore is not present in Pokemon Ranger (A Generation III Game) Garitina is not present in Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia either. In Pokemon Ranger: Guardian Signs, you were able to get a ranger net mission from a wifi event which featured garitina.

Giratina has to trust you enough.

get an action replay and look on youtube ffor platinim codes

to catch a gariina you have to use a master ball from cyrus

You go and get a action replay and get the rest or get darkri with the event

You cannot get giratina in either ranger games.

wondering how to get garitina on Pokemon diamond? well you've come to the right place!. ok here is how go to spring path go in the cave keep going straight utill you find garitina!. trainer's note. spring path is hidden so look all over sinnoh and make sure you brought repel's.

you should catch garitina and garitina is in the game no cheats or hacks or ars or use it for mesprit because i here alot of times everybody is like I cant find mesprit or something like that here is the last reason use it for an event oh if you want to get garitina email me at tonykhang2002@yahoo.com good luck

Original is the adjectival form (of origin).

go through the portal by deafeating or catching giratina, its called distortion world.

You need a cheat on a m3 card to get a shiny Giratina

You give the lustrous orb to Garitina.

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