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Be sure you have beaten the elite four, otherwise it won't work. To actually know where it is, you must first see it. It may take a while, or a short amount of time. It all depends on your luck. After you see, use you pokedex and look it up. If you click to see where it's area is, it could be on any route, or on any of the Sevii Islands.

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What happens when you catch the three legendary dogs in Pokemon Heart Gold version?

you get a fourth dog and they have scenes

What is the legendary dog Pokemon?

Raikou, Entei, and Suicune are the legendary dogs. Some consider Arcanine a legendary dog, but he is not part of the trio. the reason for this is that in an early episode, Arcanine was in the middle of a slate surrounded by Moltres, Articuno, and Zapdos. After the episode, it was decided that Arcanine was NOT a legendary dog.

Who is the best legendary dog Pokemon?

suicune is top legendary dog just play Pokemon crystal and you'll see.

What legendary dog will you catch if you have a Charizard?


Legendary dog Pokemon?


What s the coolest looking legendary dog?


Where do you catch all three legendary dogs in Pokemon Sapphire?

There is no such thing as the legendary "dogs." Suicune, Raikou, and Entei are a cheetah, tiger, and lion. Cheetahs, tigers, and lions are cats, not dogs. There is no three legendary dog on Pokemon sapphire unless you use gameshark and type its code or just trade it to crystal version silver or gold.

Is there a legendary dog Pokemon?

There are 3: Entei, Suicune, and Raikou

What is the shiny dog legendary Pokemon in Pokemon White?


Where to catch legendary dog in Pokemon Yellow?

You can't. The legendary dogs didn't exist at the time yellow was released. Sorry.

Where can you find the legendary dog pokemon in diamond?

Entei, Raikou and Suicine are often referred to as the Legendary Beasts or Legendary Dog pokemon. They aren't in Diamond, so you'll have to trade or migrate them. You can do this from the following games: FireRed/LeafGreen, HeartGold/SoulSilver and OmegaRuby/AlphaSapphire.

Can you catch all three legendary dogs in leaf green version?

I've done research on this question myself and the answer is YES! After you beat the Elite Four you will be able to find the legendary dogs randomly in the grass (just like in Gold and Silver). However, for your game you will only be able to catch one of the dogs, which dog it is depends on your starter pokemon. The determiners are as follows: Starters-Legendary Dog: Bulbasaur-Entei Charmander-Suicune Squirtle-Raikou Good luck to you!

How do you get the legendary in Icefall cave in Pokemon FireRed?

How do you find the legendary dog in firered. what level does yama evole. how to find a vulpix in firered.

What legendary dog will you get if you choose Blastoise as a starter Pokemon in leaf green?

The legendary dog which you face will alway be typed to be at an advantage against your starter. Therefore, if you started with Squirtle (which becomes Blastoise), then the dog you will face is Raikou. (Bulbasaur=Entei; Charmander=Suicune)

Who is the strongest legendary dog in Pokemon?

In my opinion i would have to say Entei.

What is the rare Pokemon that you have to catch after Mewtwo?

entai- legendary dog Pokemon

Why did North Carolina chose a plott hound for the state dog?

We have the legendary Hugh A. Lee to thank for Our State Dog.

Pokemon fire got a dog but not legendary dog type fire?

it depends WHAT POKEMON you START WITH example:bulbasaur- entei

Who should you use your masterball on in Pokemon FireRed?

The legendary dog you find the dog that has a type advantage over your starter.

How do you get suicon in Pokemon FireRed?

You would have had to chosen Charizard as your starter Pokemon. Whichever legendary dog appears depends on your starter. You will find your legendary dog randomly in the wild. (you must beat the elite four first)

Is there a new legendary dog in Pokemon Pearl?

Dialga is kind of a doggieish pokemon.

What route will you first encounter a legendary dog on Pokemon fire red?

it will be anywhere

Is Raikou an Electric Type Pokemon?

Yes. Raikou is the Electric Legendary Dog.

What is the first legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Crystal?

its suicune, the water type dog

Which legendary dog should you get first?

Go to the Pet Shop and buy a Poodle.

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