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Go to the the top and get the hover craft

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Q: In poptropica on astro knights what do you do in the wind mile?
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What do you do when the thing on the wind mill opens on poptropica?

When you get the windmill open on astro knights, you go inside and get the (manure-powered) hovercraft.

Were is the swamp in Astro Knights?

the swamp is past the wind mill in the mud

How do you get the wind mill to work in astro knights poptropica?

Jump up to the roof inside the mill and pull on the rope, the go outside the mill and jump on the blades to make them spin counter-clockwise.

How do you get the wind mill to spin in astro knights?

JUMP ON THE sign then jump on the windwill.

What is the small key for in astro knights?

The small key in Astro Knights Island is for Mordred's secret hideout. When you come to that wind mill area, move the hay bales apart and use the key on that.

How do you get to the hover craft in Poptropica Astro-Knights island?

you go to the guy with a brown hood then click him hel give you manuwer then jump on the wind mill then go left when the top will opin then go in click it it will fly out get on it there you go see ya

Where are the hay bales in astro nights poptropica?

Well, go to the wind mill(right)and it is right there. BY:Kevin A Ferrell

How do you stop yellow wind in poptropica astro knight?

You don't you just go to those spaces ithe ground and stuff

On astro knights after you get the wind mill to spin what do you do?

after you get the wind mill to spin counter clockwise the thing on the top of the building with open try to get it to open all the way you can, then enter it.

Where is the windmill on Astro Knights in poptropicacom?

keep going right until you get to the muddy pond. the wind mill is just to the left of the muddy pond.

How do you power that thing in the wind mill on astro knights?

You get the manure from the guy you see when you enter the scene and go to the windmill and spin the fan counter clock wise and use the manure to power it.

How do you get IN the roof on Astro Knights Island?

you get on top of the ye old romour mill sign, and jump on the wind mill blades and make the wind mill move. Jump about 4-5 times. Then, jump onto the middle of the windmill, and from that jump on the roof and enter.