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yes, the mammaries are getting ready to produce milk and it is not unusual to leak milk in the 8 and 9 month. joymaker rn

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What are signs of breast growth?

Usually tenderness, soreness and them becoming more firm.

Sore breasts - why?

Sore breasts may be an indication of hormonal changes such as ovulation, menstruation or pregnancy - not normal, but can occur if there are hormonal imbalances. Breast soreness can also be due to breast growth, especially in your teens, also if you're wearing a bra that is too small or that doesn't give your breasts enough support this can also cause breast soreness.

Can kisses stimulate breast growth?

No, kisses do not stimulate breast growth.

Does sleeping with a bra effect growth?

No, but it's good for the breast tissue to be without sometime.

Does sucking breast cause breast growth?


Hormones for breast growth?

The hormones that most dramatically affect breast growth are estrogens.

Can 23 yrs old female with no breast growth get pregnant?

A female with no breast growth can get pregnant.

How does Breast Success breast enhancement pills work?

Breast Success is a herbal supplement. It stimulates the growth of one's own breast tissue with thirteen nature's own breast tissue growth-promoting botanicals.

What does sore breasts mean?

Breasts can be sore for any number of reasons, typically due to hormonal changes such as around ovulation, menstruation, or when you become pregnant. If you're in your teens breast tenderness may be due to breast growth, similarly if you're wearing a bra too small for you it can cause soreness.

Does wearing padded bras stops breast growth?

Wearing padded bras doe not stop breast growth.

Does the intake of vitamin D cause breast growth?

No, consuming Vitamin D does not cause breast growth or enlargement.

How to induce breast growth?

Some birth control pills can cause breast growth, or try gaining some weight.

Does smoking stop breast growth?


Can high testerone in a young women decrease the chance of breast growth?

yes as it is a male hormone but can boost the breast growth with estrogen

Do goci berries promote breast growth?

No, Goji berries do not promote breast growth. They are related to the potato and tomato and have many antioxidants.

You do a lot of massage of your girlfriend breast Will her breast grow?

Massaging a woman's breast will not stimulate extra growth, no.

What are breast buds?

Breast buds are a common name for the first breast growth of a girl who has entered puberty.

Does rubbing your breast with ice make them grow?

No, breast growth is a result of genes.

Does a person's environment affect breast growth?

No, a person's environment does not affect breast growth, although nutrition will have some effect on the size of breasts.

What is a lump in breasts?

a lump in the breast is the presence of a tumor or abnormal growth in the breast tissue

For how long does your period make your breast grow?

your breast growth has little to nothing with your period.

Does wearing a bra to sleep stop the growth of the breast?

no, but there is corelation between that and breast cancer.

What helps breast growth?

i am not sure..............massaging them

Does eating tomatoes help breast growth?


How big should breast be?

Depends on your growth

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