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Q: In sentence 4 what is after the heated discussion?
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Use the word discussion in a sentence?

They engaged in a heated discussion over politics. The discussion raged on for hours. The presidential discussion quickly turned into a debate.

What is a sentence using the word polemical?

Her polemical stance created a heated discussion.

Is after a heated discussion a prepositional phrase?

Yes, "after a heated discussion" is a prepositional phrase. The word "after" is the preposition, and "a heated discussion" is the object of the preposition.

What is After a heated discussion?

a independent clause

How do you use per our discussion in a sentence?

You can use "per our discussion" in a sentence to refer back to a conversation or agreement that was previously had. For example, "I have made the changes per our discussion yesterday."

A word for angry dispute or argument?

heated discussion

Can you make me a sentence with discussion?

definition: a conversation or writing sentence: my friend and I had a long discussion about which console is best.

What is an example of a sentence using the word discussion?

we had a discussion about sports.

Give you a sentence with discussion in it?

When you do something bad, your parents have a discussion with you stating why it was bad.

What is a sentence using the word political?

The discussion wasn't mean to be political, but wandered there anyways. The political debate between candidates was heated and aired on television. Political activists marched on the streets.

Is a theme a sentence?

The subject under discussion

What is a theme in sentence?

The subject under discussion