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The Sand Cone Method is a sand replacement method for determining the field unit weight or the in-situ density of natural or compacted soil. There are three standard procedures used for determining this weight, including the Sand Cone Method, Rubber Balloon Method and the Nuclear Method. In the Sand Cone Method, as done in this lab, a hole is excavated in the area where the soil has been compacted and the dry weight of the soil can be obtained by determining the weight of the moist soil and the moisture content. The volume for the hole excavated is calculated by reintroducing the sand into the hole and then the dry unit weight of compaction is calculated by dividing the dry weight of the soil by the volume of the hole. This test method is applicable for soils without appreciable amounts of rock or coarse materials in excess of 1 1/2 in. (38 mm) in diameter. The main application of this test is the cases like embankment and pavement construction, this is basically a quality control test where a certain degree of compaction is required. This test is also used in stability analysis of embankments and slopes, for the calculation of pressure in underlying strata for settlement problems and also design of underground structures.

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Q: In soil mechanics what is sand cone method?
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