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Q: In terms of electron transfer how ionic bonding occurs in sodium fluoride?
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When atoms share an electron what type of bonding occurs?

Covalent Bonding

What type of energy transfer occurs between electrons?

This is known as electron-transfer (ET).

What type of bonding occurs in chlorine?

Chlorine usually bonds ionically by gaining one electron.

What is a ionic a nonmetal or metal?

it is bonding that occurs between a metal and a nonmetal with a transfer of electrons

Is ionic bonds a metal or nonmetal?

it is bonding that occurs between a metal and a nonmetal with a transfer of electrons

Which part or parts of an atom are responsible for bonding with other atoms?

Bonding between atoms occurs at the valence electron level. Core electrons and the atomic nucleus are unaffected.

Why do sodium and chloride ions bond together?

Sodium has 1 electron to "donate" and chlorine has space to "accept" 1 electron, so this electron transfer occurs and both have a stable octet electron configuration

How are the ions formed .?

Ions are formed in the environment by the transfer of electrons. This occurs in the atom when one electron transfers to another.

How do you represent ionic bonding with electron dot diagrams?

The electron dot diagram shows bonding by a 'cross' (x) as the electron of the other atom. Therefore shows bonding. Either ionic or covalent. In covalent it shows within atoms and in ionic the electrons are separate as it is transferred and not shared.

What type of bond is LiF?

An ionic bond. A complete transfer of an electron occurs, leading to the production of two charged species.

What type of bonding occurs within Li3N?

covalent bonding

What is the transfer of that occurs when molecules bump into one another called?

Do you mean ionic bond? An atom with one extra electron can transfer its electron to an atom that needs an electron so that both atoms will have a full outer shell (valence). Then the two atoms are held together in an ionic bond.