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Page 63 is where Uncle Axel tells David why he told him about the other people in the world. He tells him about how no one really knows what the true image is.

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Q: In the Chrysalids what pages does David question the validity of the definition of man?
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Who are the characters in the Chrysalids?


What impacted David in the chrysalids?

His meeting with Sophie

What is the climax in the book the chrysalids?

when alex betrays david

Main goal of David in Chrysalids?

David's main goal is the survival of his group.

What is Davids full name in the chrysalids?

His name was David Strorm

What is the falling action in the chrysalids?

when the fringes people descover david and his group

What was David's reaction to the invaders in the Chrysalids?

His reaction was what would i do for a klondike bar?

Rosalind in the chrysalids?

David's ( narrator's ) cousin. They are telepathic ( able to speak using thought )

Who is the Narrator in The Chrysalids?

It is David Strorm, the main character (the story is a first person narration.)

In the Chrysalids who are the old people in David's dream?

It is us; the people of this generation. This story is set in the future.

What are the thought shapes in the book the Chrysalids?

Thought shapes are actually David and Rosalind's telepathic abilities.

What made David escape from his home in the story Chrysalids?

David runs because of a telepathic warning from his friends that others of their group have been captured.

Where did David in the chrysalids live?

Labrador, it is a part of the province of Newfoundland on the (slightly north) east coast of Canada.

Who killed Alan in the book the Chrysalids?

David's uncle killed him to protect David and his friends, and their secret, and to prevent the blackmail and tragedy that he thought would come.

Why does david question the definition of 'blasphemy' in The Chrysalids?

David questions his community's definitions and ethics, including the definition of blasphemy, because his experience has shown him that there is a different way. Sophie is his first encounter with a deviant... and she is cool, and becomes his best friend. He sees how her family is different from his, and he wants that rather than what he has. Then he sees the community destroy that which he has learned to love. There are other examples... his uncle's views about his own difference, and that secrecy is best, his observation of his father's brother when he is captured and he sees him in Waknuk, and his observation of what happens to his aunt and her daughter.

Who was allan from the chrysalids?

Allan discovered Sophie had six toes when David and Sophie were fishing for shrimps. This led the Wenders to flee Waknuk.

In the novel the Chrysalids what happens to Mark after David leaves Waknuk?

We don't know for sure. He just stops... and they don't know what happened to him.

What is the loyalty between Rosalind and David In the book The Chrysalids?

They have the loyalty of both being telepaths, and later they gain the loyalty of romantic partners.

What about Alan in the chrysalids novel?

Alan betrayed Sophie, married one of the telepaths, and was planning on blackmailing all of them. He was killed by David's uncle.

Why is main character David in the Chrysalids important?

Because he is a telepath, and he is who we watch grow up and change and become something that is unlike the community he came from.

List of characters in the chrysalids?

Joseph Strorm Emily Strorm David Strorm Petra Strorm Rosalind Morton Sophie Wender Uncle Axel

What are the main events in The Chrysalids?

David discovers Sophie's mutation, Sophie and her parents flee and are captured, David discovers Petra, Petra gets them discovered, David Petra and Rosalind flee, the battle in the fringes, the mass murder by the Zealanders and the survival of the telepaths.

How old is david in the chrysalids?

He is many different ages. He grows up during the book, going from a young boy trying to hide from his chores to a young man with a girlfriend.

Who are the main characters in The Chrysalids?

David Strorm - Sophie Wender -Joseph Strorm - Uncle Axel -Petra Strorm - Rosalind Morton -The Sealand woman - the telepathsMichael & Rachel .

What has the author David M Bliesner written?

David M. Bliesner has written: 'Validating chromatographic methods' -- subject(s): Chromatographic analysis, Methodology, Science, Validity