The Crucible (play)

In the Crucible If John Proctor were to write an apology letter to Elizabeth Proctor what would he say?


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check out the teacups blog.there is a letter from john to elizabeth there


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When writing an apology letter make sure it shows a sincere apology. Explain the reasons on why you apologize and give some details.

A driving under the influence apology letter can be read to the court during sentencing. The letter should be submitted to the judge before the sentencing.

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something when you feel sorry about it.

When instructed to write an apology letter for misbehaving, it is best to keep the letter short and to the point. Be polite, apologize for your indiscretion, and keep the excuses to a minimum.

a apology letter is when you are feeling sorry for what you did or what has happened in the past like me wrighting to billy bobs becouse my children were being hectic and out of control which was inappropriate something like that

The best way to write an apology letter is: Say how sorry you are at the begging of the letter Say what you've done. Say why you've done it. How your going to fix this problem. Say how much you love them. And the end the letter with a sorry.

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WRITE them a letter - It's then up to them if they want to read it or not !

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