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In the Julius Caesar play how has the relationship between Brutus and Cassius changed since the beginning of the play?

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In the beginning of the play, Brutus is trusted by Caesar, and

they have a filial sort of relationship. But Brutus plays a large

role in Caesar's assassination. Caesar's dying words are, "Et tu,

Brute?" (you too, Brutus?) because he can hardly believe that

someone he loved and was close to would murder him. Brutus reasons,

"Not that I loved Caesar less, but I loved Rome more." He thinks

that killing Caesar was for the greater good, and if you've read

the play, you would realize that Brutus's fatal flaw is his

nobility. He overthinks everything, always searching for the noble,

honorable, "right" thing to do. It was also mentioned that perhaps

Brutus was truly Caesar's son, of an affair. At Brutus's funeral

oration, Antony says Brutus was "Caesar's angel," although it is

never blatantly explained why Caesar trusts and loves Brutus so

much, then is betrayed. Although Brutus's honor to Caesar is strong

in the beginning, it wavers enough for him to take part in Caesar's

murder, but then he sees the effects because of it. By the end of

the play, Brutus sees that Rome in the hands of Antony, Octavius,

etc is worse than it would have been under Caesar's ruling, and

Brutus commits suicide. Note that this question does not have

anything to do with the question. The question entails the

relationship between BRUTUS and CASSIUS, while this answer is

telling the relationship between Brutus and Caeser.

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