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No, Florida is not a community property state therefore debts not jointly incurred belong solely to the person who holds the account. In Florida married couples are generally presumed to hold jointly owned property as Tenancy By The Entirety (TBE) which makes such property exempt from creditor action when only one spouse is responsible for the debt.

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Q: In the State of Florida is the husband responsible for credit card debt that belonged solely to his deceased wife?
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In many cases the husband will be held responsible. They are deemed to have benefited from to goods and services.

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If the deceased person is your wife then I think you are responsible for her medical bills

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my mother in law died last year and her husband was responsible for her medical bills. Over $200,000.

In Florida is the wife of a deceased spouse responsible for her husband's medical debt?

You should probably talk to an attorney, but most likley, yes. *No, Florida is not a community property state, therefore the surviving spouse is not responsible for medical debts of a deceased spouse unless they signed a written agreement to do so.

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of course; it would be offensive if not

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most of the time

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His estate...which is actually him continued after death for business purposes. I have received a tax levy in my deceased husband old business account from 2004 Am I responsible

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In Oklahoma the estate will be responsible for the medical bills of the deceased. Only after they are resolved can the estate be closed and any remainder distributed.

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