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As far as I'm aware, there is no character in The Book Thief called Lydia. The main character is a young girl named Liesl Meminger - did you mean her? If so, she loves reading (which is why she steals books) and spending time with her best friend, Rudy Steiner, and her foster family and Max, the Jewish man they are hiding in the basement. She goes to school, and also attends Hitler Youth meetings like most children her age in Germany during the Second World War.

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Does the book The Thief Lord have any romance in it?

It's thief and not really (read it like twice).

What is the genre of the book the book thief?

The Book Thief is historical fiction.

What is the exposition in the book the book thief thief?

that everybody die

Who is the narrator in The Book Thief?

The narrator in The Book Thief is Death.

What is the setting of the book the lighting thief?

It is like a kids wonderland!

Who is the narrator in the book thief and a beanstock?

In the book thief the narrator is Death.

Is The Book Thief a true story?

No, the novel The Book Thief is a work of fiction.

When was The Book Thief released?

The Book Thief was released on 11/08/2013.

What was the Production Budget for The Book Thief?

The Production Budget for The Book Thief was $19,000,000.

When was The Book Thief created?

The Book Thief was created on 2006-03-14.

Is The Lightning Thief book like the movie?

The book is completely different and better than that terrible film.

Who was The Lightning Thief in the book the Lightning Thief?

Luke was the lightning thief in the book The Lightning Thief.Yes, Luke was the lightning thief. He had stole the bolt then gave it to Ares.Ares then put it in the back pack he gave to Percy to make Percy look like the thief.

What is the setting of the book thief?

The setting of the book thief is in Himmel Street. It is in Munich, Germany.

What was number of books The Book Thief collected and how she got them in The Book Thief?

13 i think

What are ratings on the book on the Lightning Thief?

Either a 3 star or a 4 star and the movie is nothing like the book!!!!!!!! =(

Who are some main characters in the Book Thief?

Liesel is one of the main characters from the Book Thief.

How much money did The Book Thief gross worldwide?

The Book Thief grossed $76,788,481 worldwide.

What is the ISBN of The Book Thief?

The ISBN of The Book Thief is 978-0-375-84220-7.

From the book Sammy keyes and the hotel thief who is the thief?


In the book The Thief Lord what is Scipio's character like?

i think he is big fat liar!

Who was the thief in The Hardy Boys Book 1 The tower treasure?

i think it is Jeff

How much money did The Book Thief gross domestically?

The Book Thief grossed $21,488,481 in the domestic market.

How many pages are in The Book Thief?

The Book Thief has 560 pages. This will vary slightly from edition to edition.

Are there any book characters named Lydia?

Yes in the book unwind

What has the author Lydia Hunn written?

Lydia Hunn has written: '[The alphabet book]' -- subject(s): Alphabets