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In the ePay function, how can you split a payment between your savings account and your checking account

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i cannot split a payment in this way. i must always just pay from one account.

Unless it says otherwise* in your terms and conditions, you cannot make a payment from a savings account- there is a law concerning both number and nature of withdrawals. The best thing to do is to transfer money from your savings into checking, then schedule the payment from your checking account... * usually if it does say otherwise, then it's not a savings account. If it is, you have the one bank that is able to skip that part of the law controlling personal bank accounts.

You write a check on your checking account and send it via US mail.

visit GMAC financial services at and set up an account to pay online from a checking or savings account.

If you get the loan to your account then they can take payment from you whenever they want so it is better not to do a direct deposit.

No. It cannot be done by the bank. They can add the late payment fee & other charges to your credit card account but cannot automatically deduct amounts from your checking account - unless, you have given them standing instructions to debit monthly card payments automatically from your account.

Yes. Closing a checking account when a credit card has outstanding balance shouldn't be a problem. The bank would expect payment on their card promptly on the due date irrespective of whether you have an account with them or not.

If you have authorized your bank to do so by arranging a scheduled payment, then the money will be drawn out and applied towards your mortgage payment. However, if you did not authorize a payment beforehand then a bank will not take money out for the payment.

balance transfer fee - credit card non-sufficient funds fee - checking account deductible - health insurance mortgage payment - home loan

Be very, very careful wabbit! I own an auto repair facility and a customer wrote me two post-dated checks for payment of repairs. She then closed her checking account to avoid payment with $750 outstanding on post-dated checks she wrote. She is being picked up for Theft of Services charges, which is a felony under the Ohio Revised Code today. You cannot stop payment or close an account to avoid payment for services or items already purchased. If a company has extended credit to you through your checking account, please verify carefully what the consequences will be before you take this step.

POS stands for Point Of Sale DBT debit payment you made over the internet or authorize creditor to take it directly from your account such as monthly automatic payments

If you are referring to checking if the check that was withdrawn from your bank account was actually applied to your DISH Network account, you can do this by logging into your online account at Once logged into your account select, "My Billing," and then select; "Payment History." This will show & allow you to check your payment history including date, amount, & form of payment.

Pretty Simple, here goes, - 1. Money you have in checking account is yours, money in a credit card is the bank's which they allow you to use. 2.If you use a credit card there's a very good chance you miss a payment and everything goes downhill from such thing with a checking account. 3. Basically you can use the the money in a checking account without any equivocations because you earned it, Money on a credit card is just something extra, an unsecured loan and you don't need that. 4. Credit cards have overlimit fees, late fees, returned check fees, annual fees etc... Checking accounts have Overdraft fees, check returned fees, Stop payment fees etc..

A Balloon payment is a lump sum of principal reduction due at the maturity of the loan. I have no idea how itcompares to a deposit as a deposit is usually a transaction when money is put into a savings/checking account which is a totally different side of the bank...

My husband had co-signed for a car for his daughter over 7 years ago before I even ment him and the car was reposesed for non payment. The loan company came after my husband and a judgment was filed against him. Although he did not have his own checking account, we have a joint account. (I put him on my account after we married). Unbenounced to me, they went into my checking account seized it and took every penny I had. So yes..this does happen. Be carefull about who you have a joint checking account with, because It happend to me!

To manage your visa Card online you need to register at the Credit Cards website. Once you have registered and entered your Checking Account information you can generally click on a Manage My Account or Pay Online link at the website after signing in to authorize the payment from your checking account.

PayPal allows you to send and receive to your PayPal account. You are able to link your checking account or debit card to PayPal and use it as a method of payment for online purchases.

Pizza places in Zephyr Hills Florida and elsewhere are unlikely to use a persons personal Bank Of America Checking Account as a form of payment unless using a bank card or physical check associated with the account. Presently, physical checks, in most places are on a steady decline as a form of payment.

payment in suspense to customers account as receivable account

No, you don 't have to have a balance in your PayPal account. If you have added your bank (or checking) account details and/or your card details to your PayPal account, you can make an "instant payment" for an item that you buy from eBay. With an "instant payment" money is automatically taken from your bank or card, paid into your PayPal account and then paid out immediately to the seller. All of this happens within seconds of you agreeing to make the payment.

Here is the process in wrinting a checking account check: First Write your name of the person or company that you want to pay then write the date you are writing the check. Write the amount of the check using numbers. Write the reason for the payment.

The orchads bank payment feature is a simple procedure that transfers money in your savings or checking account to a recipient. The orchads bank payment can also be used to pay bills and other expenses via their website, orchadbank.

Bank Of America does not allow payments towards mortgage balance to be applied from a credit card, only a checking account. Cash advance from a credit card can be obtained and then transferred to a checking account which is being used for the mortgage payment.

Received cash from a customer as payment on account

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