In the falling sand game how do you make a zombie?


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2008-07-26 15:00:47
2008-07-26 15:00:47

HA! AND AGAIN HA!you dont make zombies there already their but it depends on which one you are playing * pyro sand 2 - NO * X falling sand - NO * falling sand - NO * Hell of sand - YES * Sand - YES * Pyro sand -NO I hope this helps P.S. On the ones that have zombies you can change the amount by using the slider or clicking until you ave the desired amount


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The Falling Sand game is an online game that uses Java. In it players try and balance falling sand to make the tallest pile they can without it toppling over.

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sand falling game x falling sand game

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well, if you dont have java then the falling sand game wont start

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There are many websites that offer the falling sand game. One is

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There really is no tricks for the falling sand game except what i do is i usually get like wax and make like a huge curved line and let all the sand fall into it and then torch it its fun

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