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In "The Giver," Jonas sees a plane and describes it as the first instance of true color he has seen. He also questions why he wasn't able to see it before, realizing the limitations that had been placed on his perception.

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He didn't say anything, he only was intrigued.

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Q: In the giver what does Jonas say when he sees the plane?
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Does it say anything when Jonas sees the apple change in the giver?

Yes, the apple changing in color when Jonas sees it in "The Giver" signifies Jonas's increasing ability to see beyond what others in his community can see. It foreshadows his growing ability to perceive color and emotions, marking the beginning of his journey towards gaining deeper knowledge and wisdom.

Where in The Giver does it say The Giver loves Jonas?

In The Giver by Lois Lowry, it is inferred throughout the story that the Giver loves Jonas as a father figure. The depth of their relationship is portrayed through their emotional connection, trust, and the sacrifices the Giver makes to help and protect Jonas. While the book does not explicitly state "The Giver loves Jonas," the bond between them is evident in their interactions and the Giver's actions towards Jonas.

What would the giver say had happened to Jonas?

The Giver would say that Jonas had escaped to Elsewhere, which suggests that he had left the community to start a new life beyond its limits. The Giver would likely emphasize the freedom and potential for growth that Jonas now had outside of their controlled society.

What does the giver say in defence Of Jonas father?

The Giver defends Jonas's father by explaining that he carries out his duties as assigned by the community and is simply following the rules of their society. The Giver tries to help Jonas understand that his father's actions are a result of the strict control and conditioning imposed by the community.

The giver Why did the giver say forgive me?

The Giver said "Forgive me" to Jonas as a way of acknowledging the pain and burden he was about to impart on him by transferring all the memories. It was a way of asking for forgiveness for the difficult task of sharing the pain that came with the memories.

What foreshadowing is in the book the Giver?

One example of foreshadowing in "The Giver" is when Jonas sees a red apple change to an unnatural shade of red, which hints at the distorted reality he will come to understand in the community. Another example is the discussion of the plane that flies over the community, foreshadowing Jonas's eventual escape and departure from the strict rules of the society.

How does the Giver plan to explain Jonas disappearance?

hes gonna say that jonas fell into the river, or he may just act like he also has no idea.

Why did The Giver say forgive me?

The Giver said "forgive me" because he was asking forgiveness for the pain and suffering he had to inflict on Jonas by transferring painful memories to him as part of his training as the Receiver of Memory. It was a way for him to acknowledge the difficulty of his actions and seek understanding from Jonas.

In The Giver what did Jonas experience before he meets The Giver?

Before meeting The Giver, Jonas experienced feelings of dissatisfaction and questioning about the strict rules and lack of choice in his community. He also witnessed a release ceremony that raised doubts in him about the true nature of his society.

The giver -What does jonas's dad say when a baby is released?

That they go elsewhere, he never mentions that the child gets murdered.

Where is it in the Giver that Jonas say I am starving.?

In "The Giver," Jonas says "I am starving" during the part when he is experiencing hunger for the first time after being exposed to real emotions and sensations in the memory of a family enjoying a holiday feast. This moment represents Jonas's growing awareness of the limitations of the controlled society he lives in.

What page does Jonas say what if you chose your own spouses the giver?

Jonas suggests the possibility of choosing their own spouses in Chapter 20 of "The Giver." He questions the current system where spouses are assigned to each other.