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Q: In the movie Pinocchio what character offers the star catcher game?
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How many buttons are on the Disney Character Pinocchio's pants?

In the Disney movie, Pinocchio, Pinocchio has two buttons on his pants.

Who was Michael Jackson's favorite movie character?


Did Disney create Pinocchio?

I'm going to assume this question is about the character, not the movie. The character of Pinocchio was first featured in a book from 1883 called "The Adventures of Pinocchio." It was written by Carlo Collodi, an Italian author.

In what 1940 Disney film did Figaro appear?

The 1940 Disney film that starred the fictional character Figaro is the movie Pinocchio. Figaro was the name of the pet cat that Mr. Geppetto and Pinocchio had.

What is the Disney movie Pinocchio title font in?

pinocchio font

Is Pinocchio a family movie?

The Pinocchio Disney version is meant for all ages. Even some adults still love this movie. In my opinion this movie is awesome. Pinocchio is actually meant for general audience. If you like the movie Pinocchio, and if you're an adult, you can still watch Pinocchio.

Is Pinocchio a German movie?

Pinocchio is an Italian tale

Why is Pinocchio a good movie 4 all ages?

The Pinocchio Disney version is definitely is for all ages. Pinocchio is a movie for all ages. If you're an adult you can still watch Pinocchio. Classic Disney is meant for all ages. If you still like the movie the movie Pinocchio, imagine if it was geared for ages 10&up. Pinocchio is actually appropriate for all ages. Overall, Pinocchio does get enjoyed by adults. If you still like the movie Pinocchio, remember it's a movie for everyone regardless of age.

Is chucky vs Pinocchio movie real?

No, there is not a Chucky/Child's Play vs Pinocchio movie.

Who is the lead protagonist in the movie Pinocchio?

The title character which literally means Wooden Eye. One might also factor in the creator of Pinocchio- Gepetto, which means ( Little Joe). By the way Joseph in the Bible was a carpenter, are you thinking what I am? another important character is the Blue Angel or Blue Fairy who animates Pinocchio= She was played in one movie version by none other than Gina Lollobrigida! Seems little Joe had his priorities mixed up, he clearly lived alone- why not a clone- oh well.

In the movie Pinocchio what was the climax?

the climax is when pinocchio becomes a real boy

What movie character was programmed to buy the book The Catcher in the Rye?

Jerry Fletcher from - Conspiracy Theory (1997)

Why does Pinocchio have buttons on his pants in the Disney movie Pinocchio?

In the time setting of the Pinocchio movie, zippers had not been invented. Boys wore pants or shorts with straps that were attached by buttons, so Pinocchio was designed with shorts that had straps that were attached by buttons.

Who wears red pants in Disney's Pinocchio?

Pinocchio wears red shorts in the Disney movie Pinocchio.

Did Pinocchio go to school in the movie Pinocchio?

No, Pinocchio was headed to school when Gideon and Honest John convince Pinocchio to join Stromboli's puppet show.

Did the book Pinocchio come out first or the movie?

The Adventures of Pinocchio by Italian writer Carlo Collodi, came out in 1883. The Walt Disney movie, Pinocchio, came out in 1940.

Why is Pinocchio a very popular Disney Movie?

Pinocchio is a very popular Disney movie because it appeals to children and has a great moral and lesson.

What is a Japanese robot movie based on Pinocchio?

Astroboy, a Japanese anime cartoon, is based on Pinocchio.

What popular children's show stars a character named 'Jimny'?

While not a children's television show, but a classic children's movie, the Disney film Pinocchio contains a character by the name of Jimny Cricket, who acts as the protagonist's moral compass.

What do you call the pants Pinocchio wears?

The pants Pinocchio wears in the Disney movie, Pinocchio, are called rompers or short overalls.In the book, The Adventures of Pinocchio, Pinocchio wears shorts.

In what year did Walt Disney create Pinocchio?

His first appearance was in the 1940 Disney animated movie Pinocchio based on the book "The Adventures of Pinocchio" by Carlo Collodi

Name of the Whale in story of Pinocchio?

In the movie Pinocchio, the giant whale's name is Monstro, and in the movie he smells smoke from his blowhole, and then he sneezes.

Is Pinocchio a good movie?


Does Pinocchio know Honest John in the movie?

Pinocchio meets Honest John for the first time when Pinocchio is on his way to school and Honest John and Gideon convince Pinocchio to join Stromboli's puppet show instead.

Were there any hidden Disney characters in Pinocchio?

Seeing that Pinocchio was Disney's second film there were very few characters to hide in the movie so, there's no reason to believe there are hidden characters from Snow White [Disney's first movie] in Pinocchio.