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In the movie hitch what is the song called in the opening scene where will smith is talking?


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The theme song for the movie called Hitch starring Will Smith, is called 1 thing by Amerie. here is the youtube link :

opening day/night, debut, grand opening

Will Smith and Kevin James starred in the 2005 movie Hitch.

The very funny movie 'Hitch' Hitch.

They were called the Space-ettes. Source was from the creator of the documentary movie, The Dome Movie.

A movie using sound was called a "talking" picture, or a "talky".

I believe it was the movie 'Hitch'

The movie 'Hitch' was released in 2005. It stars Will Smith as "The Date Doctor" who helps guys land dates and perfect their dating techniques.

According to Wikipedia (refer to the link, below), the locations of the film, "Hitch", include Morningside Heights, Manhattan, at Columbia University (New York).

Alex Hitchens And Albert Will Smith suggested Kevin James for the role of Albert in "Hitch".

Her name is Mercedes Renard.

The Jazz Singer, made in 1927.

Well it depends on what movie or show you are talking about.

Are You Talking About Miss Congeniality,,?

The great movie I believe your talking about is called Schindler's List.

The Movie is also called Summer Belongs To You, if your talking about the Phineas and Ferb movie....

Its from Hitch i think. Where Hitch is telling that guy how to kiss? x

The song is by The National and is called "Start a War."

Sounds like you may be talking of the Ben Foster movie called Pandorum.

If you mean the opening song, it's called:'Circle of Life'

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