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Q: In the notebook how many years pasted before Noah and Allie were reunited?
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What is allies last name in the move the notebook?

Allie's name in The Notebook was Allie Hamilton Calhoun.

In the notebook who was allie's fiance?


What actris plays allie in the movie the notebook?

The actress that plays Allie in The Notebook is Rachel McAdams. The actor that plays Noah is Ryan Gosling.

What was allie's hobby in the notebook?


What disease does allie have in the notebook?


What is Allie's full name in the movie The Notebook?

Her full name in the movie is Allie Hamilton.

In what movie did Noah fall in love with Allie?

Noah fell in love with Allie in the movie 'The Notebook'.

At last who is Allie with in the notebook?

Allie is with Noah, and later they'll have two daughters and a son together.

Who was allie and noah in the noval the notebook?

panchot kuta harami lunduu se allie te naoh

In the book the notebook by nicholas sparks who was allie engaged to?

Allie was engaged to Lon Hammond.

In what film did Noah fall in love with Allie?


In The Notebook what does Noah challenge Allie to be?

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When did allie and Noah meet in the notebook?

at the fair with their friends.

Where did allie and noah first meet in the notebook?

In the carnival.

What are the names of Allie and Noah's grandchildren in the Notebook?

Noah nd davanie

Where did allie meet lon in the book notebook?

he was fighting in the war and he got injured but allie was a nurse while she was in school.

What is the climax of the book The Notebook?

The climax of the Notebook is when Allie has to choose between Noah and Lon. Its also when she has sex with Noah.

In the Notebook where do Allie and Noah meet?

They met at Luna park.

What was the girls name in the notebook?

Racheal McAdams as Allie Nelson

Who were the main characters in the movie The Notebook?

Allie & Noah

In the movie the notebook who plays the older Allie?

Gena rowlands.

Which actress played the young Allie in the notebook?

Rachael Mcadams

Who played the older allie in the notebook movie?

Joan Allen

What was the name of Allie's fiancee in the notebook?

Lon Hammond jr.

How many kids did Noah and Allie have in the Notebook?

I believe they had 3.