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"necessity is the mother of invention"

This means that solutions to problems (the invention bit) are born out of then need for a solution (the necessity).

As coming up with an idea is said to be the birth of an idea, this leads to the mother reference in the quote i.e. the need is the mother that gives birth to the idea for a solution.

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Q: In the quote necessity is the mother of invention what does the mother of invention mean?
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In the quote necessity is the mother of invention what does it mean when do we feel the need of invention?

the quote means that life forms development and make new things for what they need!

What does the saying necessity of mother of all inventions mean?

It is "Necessity is the mother of invention"

What is the meaning of necessity is the mother of invention?

it's mean difficult situations inspire ingenious solutions

What does the expression necessity is the mother of invention mean?

it means that people only invented stuff because they needed something..... the mother, necessity, nurtures and gives birth to new inventions

What does necessity is mother of invention mean?

If something is needed many people will be looking for an answer, thus inventing a new tool or machine

Who is the mother of inventions and what does that expression mean?

The expression is that "necessity is the mother of invention". It does not mean that a particular person invented everything. It means that needing something leads to creating something to satisfy the need.

What does need brings ways mean?

It means the same thing as the saying "Necessity is the mother of invention." In other words, when you have a need, it tends to get you thinking about new ways to fill that need, for instance, by inventing something.

What does dis quote means necessity makes even the timid brave mean?

it means even shy people will be brave when they HAVE to

What does Neccessity is the Mother of invention mean?

it means that you dont invent something unless you need it

What does necessity is the mother of invention mean?

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Did the invention of Alexander Graham Bell solve the problem of his wife and mother being deaf?

No of course not, just because he made the telephone doesn't mean his wife and mother aren't going to be deaf. They still can't hear but they inspired him to create his invention,

What does basic necessity mean?

Basic necessities/necessity means something thing that you usually need or have.

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